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Ningbo Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area is located at the estuary of the Yongjiang River, and is one of the top ten scenic spots in Ningbo. It swallows the Yongjiang River in the south, borders the East China Sea in the north, and the ancient seawall in the west. It has a thousand-year cultural heritage. Historically, it is an important coastal defense fortress, an anchorage on the Maritime Silk Road, and a Buddhist cultural resort. It is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot with a profound coastal defense culture and a long-standing Buddhist culture. It is known as "South China Sea Guanyin Putuo Mountain, Oriental God of Wealth Zhaobao Mountain"...



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High is not counted, Gu Yun: "The world's first mountain" reputation. "Traditional merchants, hundreds of treasures meet", the rich historical relics of the sea silk road from the anchor port and the ancient battlefield, and the "Oriental God of Wealth Zhaobaoshan" implied wealth and wealth and the integration of Buddhism and wealth and wisdom culture. It is condensed into the national AAAA-level Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area with the neighboring scenic spots, and has become a highlight of tourism culture. 

Mazu Pavilion, Fairy Cave

Mazu Pavilion, Fairy Cave

Mazu Meizhou Ancestral Temple Mazu is like a descendant of the Jiu Mu Lin, a prominent family in Putian, Fujian. Mazu drove in the sea all her life, rescued emergencies and rescued many fishing boats and merchant ships in the stormy sea; she determined not to marry mercy, and dedicated herself to doing good for the world. According to historical data, the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties honored Mazu many times. The titles range from "Mrs.", "Tianfei", "Queen of Heaven" to "Mother of Heaven" and are included National Ceremony. Xianren Cave. It is said that the Eight Immortals came to our Xianren Cave for practice, hence the name Xianren Cave. In the cave are displayed the Eight Immortals T