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The most beautiful Zhaobao April day, spring outing is at the right time | Half-price tickets for the Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area for tourists from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai!

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The most beautiful Zhaobao April day, spring outing is at the right time | Half-price tickets for the Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area for tourists from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai!

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Tomb-sweeping April is a beautiful season for the earth to rejuvenate and fresh flowers bloom. Lin Huiyin once said: "April is love, warmth, and hope. Watching the April sky, giving life a peace of warmth, and planting hope in the world." Therefore, in this season, Zhao Baoshan hopes to give you warmth and warmth. Moving!

Promotion 1

In response to the promotion theme activities of the "Spring Warm Ningbo City" alliance between the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Ningbo Municipal Culture and Tourism Association, and advocate the consumption concept of "healthy travel, warm spring, you and me", Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area has specially launched ticket preferential policies:

From April 1st to 30th, 2020, visitors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai can enjoy a 50% discount when they purchase the original tickets of Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area for 60 yuan with their original ID cards.


Promotion 2

In order to pay tribute to medical workers across the country, Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Spot sent a piece of support and care from the rear to the medical staff.

From now until December 31, 2020, medical staff across the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can visit the Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area for free with their ID cards and (physician practice certificate, nurse practice certificate and other qualification certificates related to medical work).


Zhaobao Mountain Tourism Scenic Area

Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area is a national 4A-level tourist attraction. It is a comprehensive tourist area integrating natural scenery, cultural landscape, and religious culture in Ningbo City. It is also an important part of the Zhenhaikou coastal defense site. Zhaobao Mountain is 15 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Ningbo and is located at the estuary of Ningbo's Yongjiang River. It is the Zhenhaiguan Pass, the Yongjiang Throat, and the coastal defense fortress. It is known as the "Gateway to East Zhejiang".



Baotuo Temple

"Enter the ancient temple early in the morning, and the first sunshine shines on the high forest. The winding path leads to a quiet place, and the Buddhist temple has deep flowers and trees." Come to Baotuo Temple to pray for blessings and peace, to understand life in Zen, so as to purify the soul, eliminate all worries and bond with the Buddha.



Weiyuan City

Six countries come to the king, the first level of Pingwa! Weiyuan City, which has experienced the "Four Resistance" wars of the Anti-Japanese War, Anti-British War, Anti-French War, and Anti-Japanese War has gone through hundreds of battles and has made great achievements. Nowadays, the ancient acropolis of Xiongguan is full of blood, blood and gunpowder, no longer exists! And you have the opportunity to walk in this Haitian Xiongguan, the sense of glory and history will still make you feel excited!



Sculpture Tower

Climbing to the Aozhu Tower means "top one"! The Aozhu Tower is the tallest building in Zhenhai Chengguan. Ascend to the top of the tower, you will have a panoramic view of the sea and sky, Zhenhai Port District, Zhenhai City District, and Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge.



Mazu Court

The Mazu Pavilion is a place where Zhenhai fishermen offer sacrifices to Mazu. According to legend, Mazu drove in the sea all his life, saving the emergency and helping the crisis, dedicated to doing good for the world. Pay homage to Mazu, and hope that the coming year will be healthy and smooth.



Guanyin Pavilion

Guanyin Pavilion is located in the mountains on the west side of Zhaobao Mountain. It is also known as "Xizhaoan" because of the sunset glow here at sunset. Leaning on the railing from the viewing platform of Guanyin Pavilion, you can see the China National Air Defense Expo Park, Houhaitang, Zhenhai Logistics Hub, and the express passage of the viaduct...



Fortuna Plaza

On the Plaza of the God of Wealth, there is the Oriental Zhaobao Open-air Great God of Wealth, the world’s first cornucopia, dedicated to Zhaobao Tianzun Xiao Sheng. Zhaobao Tianzun Xiao Sheng is in charge of the Eastern Treasury, and the folks are called the Eastern God of Wealth. Worship the Great God of Wealth in the open-air Zhaobao of the East, and hope that in the coming year, there will be a lot of money and a rich house.



      "The most beautiful in the world is April, the spring outing is at the time!"


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