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Aerial photography Zhao Baoshan’s first ray of dawn, may the sun fill the earth and warm the bottom of our hearts!

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Aerial photography Zhao Baoshan’s first ray of dawn, may the sun fill the earth and warm the bottom of our hearts!

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New year, new starting point, new beginning! This year, we promote local festivals and long-distance New Year greetings. If you don't want to travel far, then invite friends and family to come to Zhaobaoshan for a walk, take a look, climb high and look far, pray for blessings, and welcome the dawn of the new year!



The plan for a day is in the morning


Before dawn, the gate of Zhaobaoshan was opened for morning exercisers. The early citizens of Zhenhai are accustomed to going to Zhaobaoshan to exercise, breathe in the air, and start a full day!



Zhaobao Mountain is only 81.6 meters above sea level. It is easy to climb the steps. It is great for morning exercises. The verdant pine forest, the simple bird plums and the bitter tea waiting line on both sides are slightly chilly. There is no shortage of scenery in winter.



Zhaobao Mountain is one of the best places to watch the sunrise in the East China Sea in Zhenhai. Looking down from Weiyuan City, the Yongjiang River flows eastward into the sea. The Jinji Mountain and Zhaobao Mountain on the south bank face each other across the river. The majestic Zhaobao Mountain Bridge lies on both banks of the Yongjiang River. , Haitian Shengjing has a clear view...



Zhaobao Mountain to watch the sunrise


In the blue time before sunrise, the world was shimmering, and infinite power was accumulated. As the dark red light band slowly expanded, it turned into a pink light band and began to show a bright light.



Finally, in the expectation of everyone, a round of morning light pierced the eastern sky, gushing out, slowly rising from the horizon, passing through the Jinji Mountain and crossing the Zhaobaoshan Bridge, dyeing the Yongjiang River and the East China Sea into a red suit.



New year wishes


The first ray of sunshine in the East China Sea gives this small coastal city full of vitality. You can climb up and look into the distance on Zhaobao Mountain and feel the smell of warm sunshine and fresh and natural wind.



You can also close your eyes and silently make a wish. I hope that in a better 2021, when the dawn of dawn clears away the mist, it will disperse all the haze. When the sun shines on the earth, it warms you and my heart, and there is light in your heart. Fear of the darkness!



Time flies, 2021 is here, and the Year of the Ox is also approaching. Looking back at the past 2020, we will face up to difficulties through storms. I am grateful to everyone who is determined to move forward. In 2021, we will still join hands and continue to ride the wind and waves!



Zhaobao Mountain Tourism Scenic Area

Opening hours during winter time: 5:30-16:00

Aerial photography: Bihai Yinsha


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