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"Remaining in town with gifts" cultural travel coupon package is now ready to apply for registration! Eligible "persons staying in town" can visit Zhaobaoshan for free!

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"Remaining in town with gifts" cultural travel coupon package is now ready to apply for registration! Eligible "persons staying in town" can visit Zhaobaoshan for free!

(Summary description)


"This peace of mind is hometown"! Blessed are migrant workers working in Zhenhai Enterprise! During the Spring Festival, Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Spot will send a "Living Town Gift Package" full of friendship to migrant workers who paid social security in Zhenhai District. Visitors can enter the park free of tickets with their Alipay special voucher, and up to 5 relatives can enter the park free of tickets.


So here comes the problem,

How do you apply for a special voucher on Alipay?

This afternoon, Zhenhai Culture, Tourism and Sports released the "Residence in the Town" cultural travel coupon package,

Free tour of eight scenic spots including Zhaobao Mountain!

Click here for the application guide!


Application strategy



As of January 11, employees of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in Zhenhai who have non-Zhenhai household registration and participate in social security in Zhenhai with resident ID information.

◎Check-in time:

February 3rd 00:00-February 6th 23:59

◎Registration process:

①Open the Alipay mobile app

②Search in the search box on the Alipay homepage for “Resting in the town with gifts”

③In the search results, click “Remaining in the town is courteous”. Enter Mini Program 


Swipe left and right to view the registration process example diagram



Registration can only be done if the mobile phone system is located in the Ningbo city.

When a user registers, the system will automatically read the user's Alipay identity information and compare it with the whitelist. If the user ID number exists in the whitelist, the information registration is completed, otherwise the registration fails.


Rules of Use


◎Usage time:

February 8, 2021-February 26, 2021

◎Use range:

8 scenic spots (scenic spots) in Zhenhai District

◎Preferential policy:

With this voucher, free tickets (excluding Jingjiao and other consumer items) enter the scenic spot.

This voucher cannot be withdrawn, and cannot be transferred or transferred to others,Unlimited use times, up to 5 people can be carried

Tourists enter the scenic spotMake an appointment in advance, wear a mask, and show your health code,Enter after passing the temperature measurement. When the number of tourists received reaches the prescribed limit, the scenic area will suspend the entry of tourists. It is recommended that tourists pay close attention to the official account of the scenic area or call the consultation phone.


Spring Festival Admission Reservation


In order to ensure the safety of tourism during the Spring Festival and strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the scenic spot, Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area will implement a strict reservation system during the Spring Festival.


◎Appointment method:

1. Scan the QR code or click on the end of the text to read the original text, and log in to the official WeChat account of Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area to make an appointment

2. Dial: 0574-86256931 to make an appointment

◎Reservation QR code:


(Source: Zhenhai Cultural Tourism Sports)




Scan the QR code to read on your phone


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