China Air Defense Expo Park


Air Defense Expo Park


China Air Defense Expo Park

China Air Defense Expo Park is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, at the foot of the beautiful Zhaobao Mountain. The total investment of the project is 180 million yuan, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, with a construction area of 18,500 square meters. It mainly includes the prologue hall, the civil air defense tunnel exhibition area, the military experience area and the open-air weapons exhibition area. The project was approved by the National Civil Air Defense Office and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. Liang Guanglie, a member of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor and Minister of National Defense, wrote the name of the Expo Park. It is my country's first air defense war theme park.

Civil air defense tunnel exhibition area

360°Ring Screen Theater

Shocking film reviewing the 100-year history of air defense

360°Surrounding the screen theater, the shocking film looks back on the 100-year history of air defense. It is the highest-definition, highest-resolution German ring-screen film in China, allowing you to enjoy a realistic visual feast as if you were on the scene. In terms of spatial layout, the country’s first design adopts two viewing modes, sitting and standing, allowing you to experience different senses.

Looking at the development of air defense

From air raid to air defense, from war to peace, from past to future

Examples of seven major wars in the history of world air defense: The earliest air strikes and air defenses—the British-German air combat in World War I formed a complete air defense system for the first time—The most painful lesson in the history of air defense in London and Moscow in World War II—Pearl attack The most rigorous deployment in the history of air defense in Hong Kong-Vietnam air defense recognized for the first time to seize electromagnetic power-Syrian air defense Patriot anti-missile missiles became famous-the first time in the history of the Gulf War to end the war with air strikes-NATO bombed the Yugoslavia

The most brilliant achievement in the history of Chinese air defense creation:

◎Jianqiao 814 air combat defeated the Japanese Air Force-shooting down six enemy planes and four top pilots.
◎Wuhan Dakong has a brilliant record, one by one downed 48 sun planes and 9 damaged
◎The Flying Tigers won the first battle in Kunming. They shot down 6 sun planes and damaged 4 planes. Our side only had one P-40 wounded and landed, and won the first air battle.
◎The People's Air Force grew rapidly in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. The Volunteer Air Force and the most powerful US Air Force fought the world's first large-scale jet fighter air battle.
◎Homeland air defense has captured the world's attention in the five major battles, one by one shot down the most high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, the old anti-aircraft artillery shot down the ultra-low-altitude supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, the world's first ground-to-air missile shot down the enemy high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, and the U-2 high altitude shot down It has the most reconnaissance aircraft and is the first to shoot down enemy aircraft in the stratosphere.

Civil air defense to defend the people

Civil air defense is the people’s own air defense—learning civil air defense knowledge and practicing air defense skills. Civil air defense is the most important aspect of national defense. Chairman Mao Zedong once issued a call to "dig deep holes, accumulate grain, and not seek hegemony." Comrade Deng Xiaoping once gave instructions that "air defense fortifications should be combined with peace and war, and the combination of peace and war can be reliable."

Based on the present and looking to the future

Interpreting the new concept of air defense development in a variety of ways-world air defense is developing in the direction of integration of air and space, firepower and photoelectric body, integration of offense and defense, integration of military and civilian, full depth, peace and war.

Military experience zone

The military experience area is adjacent to the Goujin Building in the south and Zhaobao Mountain in the east. The overall building is 12 meters high. It is divided into three experience areas: naval battles, air battles, and land battles. Nine experience projects including Ace Battle Eagle, Air and Space Defense, and Modern War Theater.

Open air military weapons exhibition

An eagle flying in the sky

◎J-8: The main combat model of my country's homeland air defense.
◎J-10: China's first domestically-made third-generation fighter to equip troops, and the first domestically-made fighter that truly has both air and ground combat capabilities. ◎MiG-15: The representative of the first generation of jet fighters in the Soviet Union, the largest number of jet aircraft manufactured in the Soviet Union.
◎ "Apache" helicopter gunship: The only helicopter of the US Army that is specially used for attack, its descendant "Longbow Apache" is still a powerful helicopter in the regular US Army, National Guard and Reserve. A powerful weapon.

Mainstay of ground and air defense operations

◎Hongqi-2 surface-to-air missile: In the air defense war, we have achieved brilliant results of shooting down 1 ∪-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, 3 unmanned high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and 1 MiG-21 fighter.
◎Type 65 old-fashioned artillery: The main cadre who formed the ground-to-air firepower network, and the hero who shot down the ultra-low-altitude supersonic reconnaissance aircraft.
◎Type 62 light tank: The "soldier age" is more than 40 years, but the sword is not old.
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