February 18, come to Zhaobao Mountain to pray for the success of all wishes ......

Zhaobao Mountain Tourism Scenic Area on the mountain temples will be open on March 27, 2024 (Lunar February 18) the night of Buddha's Birthday, open time: March 27, 18:00 to March 28, 6:00, ticket price of 20 yuan / person. Please the majority of incense reasonable arrangements for the trip, consciously obey the site staff command, orderly and civilized incense ritual Buddha.

Mar 23,2024

I accidentally photographed the cover of "History Textbook" in Zhaobaoshan, perfect score for adaptability!

Mar 12,2024

Hot and hot ~ Free tickets, gift to the goddess! Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area’s March 8th Festival special event is coming!

Mar 04,2024

Go to a Baoshan Lantern Festival! Happy Lantern Festival!

Feb 24,2024

On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, welcome the God of Wealth and bring good luck to the Dragon!

Feb 14,2024

Notice on the opening of New Year’s Eve prayer activities in Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area

Feb 06,2024

Ding! When traveling to Zhaobao, have fun with the "Dragon Dragon" Spring Festival series of activities~

Feb 05,2024

Looking back on Zhaobaoshan’s 2023, every frame is full of love!

Jan 13,2024

Zhaobaoshan has been rated as a provincial ecological and cultural base, come and check in!

Dec 29,2023

In winter, looking for a silhouette of history

Dec 04,2023

The "Chrysanthemum" is unparalleled in the world of treasures and good markets | The 2023 fair season is here!

Nov 22,2023

Golden autumn ancient style, meet Hanfu! Zhaobaoshan is so worth visiting this autumn!

Oct 27,2023

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