In the height of summer, we run together to the mountains and the sea!

This year's Dragon Boat Festival coincided with the college entrance exam Zhaobao Mountain Tourist Scenic Area cheers up the students. At the entrance and along the Aozhu Pagoda, red is flying all the way. Have a different Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 11,2024

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, what with the “dumplings” different fancy play?

Suddenly this summer Another year of Dragon Boat Festival Scholars are working hard Waiting to be crowned with a title Parents are looking forward to “The rice dumplings must be high”

Jun 06,2024

Take the lead and strip the koi!

You reap what you sow. Working day and night will usher in the dawn of victory The Ao Pillar Pagoda holds many good wishes With the theme of “Ao Tou - all the koi” Wishing the candidates success in their endeavors!

May 31,2024

Notice on the reopening of Aozhu Pagoda

May 17,2024

Notice of Temporary Suspension of the Opening of Aozhu Pagoda

May 09,2024

May Day roaming Zhenhai ~ these places can not miss to hit the card!

May 02,2024

Please check out the May Day activities~ Come to Zhaobao Mountain and get high!

Apr 30,2024

Take away your own memories of spring Zen walks~

Apr 19,2024

Children Exploring the Moon and Dreaming of Stars--Science Popularization Theme Activity in China Air Defense Expo Park

Apr 14,2024

Upper Spring Hill!

Apr 10,2024

What would be the picture of opening the beauty of Zhaobao Mountain with a geography textbook?

Mar 29,2024

Spring Stroll!

Mar 29,2024

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