The 30th Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition will open on October 24

This year is the 30th Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition held in Zhenhai. Unconsciously, the Chrysanthemum Exhibition has become a beautiful city card in Zhenhai. This year's Chrysanthemum Exhibition is still scheduled to be held in Zhaobaoshan. Chrysanthemum blooms in late autumn and has been loved by Chinese literati since ancient times, and many poems praise chrysanthemum. For example, Tao Yuanming left a famous sentence, "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan."


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Zhaobao Mountain Chrysanthemum-watching Strategy

Travel options: Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area will carry out traffic control during the chrysanthemum exhibition. At that time, the roads around the scenic area will be extremely busy. In order to alleviate the traffic pressure around the scenic spot and facilitate the travel of tourists themselves, Xiaobian recommends that everyone travel green and choose to walk, ride or bus to the scenic spot.

The scenic area has convenient transportation, and many buses have bus stops at the entrance of the scenic area.
Hletz:27路;341cards;371cards;372quera 385card;392cards;396cards;541cards;778cards;827
Metro Line: Take Metro Line 2 to Qingshuipu, take 541, 371 and 387 to South Street and Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area

Tickets and business hours: chrysanthemum exhibition time: October 28-November 18


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