Ningbo dialect children's language art competition ended successfully in Zhaobaoshan

On October 22, a scene at the final of the third NBT Ningbo dialect Children's language Art Competition held in Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic spot. The "hot evil brothers" group from the large class of Zhenhai kindergarten sang a hot Ningbo dialect ballad "hot evil". The lively and lovely little brothers used the Ningbo dialect of "stone bones and iron hard" and cheerful and humorous tunes, causing bursts of knowing laughter in the audience! Although the contestants are young, the typhoon is extremely mature and sophisticated. In the face of hundreds of onlookers, they did not have stage fright and still performed calmly.
In the end, Li Yuze from Yingxingjiu Foreign Language Experimental School won the gold medal. Jin Xiaoxuan of Yingxingjiu Foreign Language Experimental School and Qian Keyuan and Gu Yichen of Zhenhai Kindergarten won the silver medal. Zhu Shiyi of Dongqian Lake Middle School, Shi Haoran and Wang Yulu of Jiaochuan Bilingual Primary School, three children won the bronze medal. Mei Ziyan of Zhenhai Art Experimental Kindergarten, Tu Shijie of Jiangbei Oriental Kindergarten, su Xinyan of Yingxingjiu Foreign Language Experimental School and Chen Yitong of Baoyun Music Kindergarten won the Best Style Award, the Best popularity Award, the Best Talent Award and the Best performance Award respectively.
As for Zhaobaoshan Street, the organizer of this competition, the significance of this event is not only to hold a successful competition, but also to protect and promote the ancient dialect culture of Ningbo dialect, and to protect the soil for the survival and development of a large number of local intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo, such as "Jiaochuan walking book. To this end, the organizers specially invited Mr. Zhang Yaqin, a 91-year-old inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province and Jiaochuan walking book performing artist, to come to the scene of the final of the competition to interact with the children, so that the children can feel and remember the charm of "Jiaochuan walking book.




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