Coming home with a full load and not thinking about it -- the second session walked into the town and let the dream fly.

This weekend, Zhaobaoshan welcomed a group of distant guests. Nearly 300 tourists from Jiaxing gathered in Zhaobaoshan to participate in the school camp in the middle of the town. The first stop was to climb the top of Zhaobao Mountain, overlooking the Aozhu Pagoda, begging to worship Manjusri Bodhisattva and make a wish for the forest of the top scholar. The students solemnly wrote down their vision on the wish card and prayed for their dreams.
The second stop walked into the town. This time, Mr. Zhu, the outstanding tutor of the innovation class of Zhenhai Middle School, was invited to give a lecture. He brilliantly shared his views on "problems encountered by students in learning", "students' learning methods", and "parents' education." Ways "and other issues, and gave practical suggestions. In addition, the four students also had a good exchange and interaction with their classmates in terms of their own learning methods, work and rest time, and spare-time activities. The short 40-minute lecture benefited both students and parents. After the exchange meeting, the study tour camp visited the campus of Zhenhai Middle School. From Dacheng Hall, Confucius statue, to the Sports Art Museum, and then to the school history museum, the whole campus was full of strong historical and cultural atmosphere.
This year, on the basis of last year's exploration, the scenic spot will focus on increasing the proportion of "learning" experience in Zhenhai Middle School, extending the time for learning, sharing and interactive questioning with the high school students in Zhenhai, so that young people can come to Zhenhai for a walking lesson and gain more in the study tour.





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