Revisiting the Party's History and Striving Forward

On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the party, all party members of the party branch of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area visited the Zhenhai Weiyuan Qingfeng Clean Government Cultural Center. The party members raised their fists and swore, reviewed the party oath, and carefully figured out the connotation of the clean culture of the past generations. Everyone realized that the integrity of cadres is related to The development of the cause and the image of party members recognize the importance of unremitting efforts to fight against corruption. Through this activity, the visitors received a profound education, saying that they would deepen the party's mass line education and practice activities, implement and understand the requirements of the Central Committee on close contact with the masses and change the work style, and devote themselves to the work of "two learning and one doing" with stricter discipline and more conscious actions, so as to enhance their ideological understanding and play an exemplary role, we will continue to deepen the action of "eliminating inferior class V water" and contribute our strength to the development of Zhenhai tourism.



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