The town's study tour camp, fulfilling your dream of a famous school-the second study tour is hot for enrollment.

With the announcement of the results of the 2017 college entrance examination, the city's top college entrance examination scholar Hua Luo Zhenhai Middle School, with the province's top 10 Zhenhai Middle School accounting for half. Zhenhai Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area joined hands with Zhenhai Middle School to launch an exclusive activity of "Entering the Town, Flying Dreams and Study Camp". It has the opportunity to visit Zhenhai Middle School, a famous school for cultivating top scholars, and unveil the mystery of top scholars in the town.

Activity Details

① Activity Process: Originating from Dreams (Visiting Zhaobaoshan, Worship Manjusri, Wishing Forest, Air Defense Expo Park)-Ziyin Dreams (Visiting the Town, Lecture by Famous Teachers/Experience Exchange Meeting by Xueba, As a souvenir at the Town's Middle School Gate)
② Activity time: July 21, full 50 people in a group
③ Charge standard: 100 yuan/person (including scenic spot tickets, Chinese food, fragrance and wishing card)
④ Registration method: pay attention to Zhaobaoshan scenic spot official micro-, sub-menu below about Zhaobaoshan-activity registration, scenic spot micro-store purchase
⑤ Hotline: 86373030






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