Aobao is coming-the mascot of the scenic spot is pleasantly surprised

The sunshine is lovely, warm and lively, and full of vitality. The mascot of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area is pleasantly surprised to appear-Aobao is coming



The design of the mascot is inspired by the Ao in ancient Chinese mythology. In terms of expression, we choose to personify the image, combine the image of animals and humans, and emphasize the concept of people-oriented and harmonious coexistence between humans and animals in nature. The image of the child is lively and lovely, giving him the attributes of wisdom and intelligence, which greatly increases the affinity of the mascot and makes people have a strong sense of trust and intimacy in the senses.



The design of the mascot is based on the culture of the champion. The costumes are made of traditional Chinese champion hats and robes. The patterns on the costumes are applied to Zhaobaoshan scenic spots and Zhenhai folk customs, showing Zhenhai's characteristic culture. The seal on the back reflects Zhenhai's traditional charm.



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