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The vigorous campaign to eliminate inferior Class V water has been launched. In order to fight this tough battle in an all-round way, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area has sounded the "clarion call" for water control. The scenic area has set up a "five-water co-governance action group" to implement the leadership team to eliminate inferior quality, to clarify the main body of responsibility for governance, to lead the leadership team to supervise and coordinate and set up small teams to clean up rivers, release pools and lotus ponds in the scenic areas regularly and regularly and regularly every day...





Zhaobaoshan scenic spot strives to consolidate the achievements of eliminating inferiority, promote the work of "five water co governance" in all directions, carry out the activity of "everyone is a supervisor" in the scenic spot, persuade tourists not to discard garbage at will, and jointly contribute to the five water co governance, so as to ensure the stability of water quality and the continuous improvement of water environment quality as a whole.





Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area further publicizes "Five Waters Co-governance" through WeChat, publicity posters, prize-winning knowledge questions and answers ". In combination with the parent-child activities carried out, it helps to "eliminate inferior Class V water", continuously improve the people's awareness of ecological protection, and create a sustainable and long-term water control atmosphere. Let more students and families participate in water control, water protection and water saving.

We often say: green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. Landscape resources are the most important tourism resources in Zhaobaoshan. The improvement of landscape environment is related to the future development of Zhaobaoshan. Today, when the "five water co governance" is carried out in the whole region and the horn of "eliminating inferior V water" is sounded, let's work together to do a good job in "five water co governance" and thoroughly "eliminate inferior V water". From now on, from you and me, let's take action and contribute to building a better Zhaobaoshan ~

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