"Raiders of the lost Arch-I'm the best" large outdoor parent-child activity

In the hall of the military experience area in Zhaobaoshan, a live-action "Indiana Jones" event was staged. In the whole activity, everyone was very engaged and the atmosphere was happy. The students on their turn are all working hard to clear customs, while the students waiting on the side are not idle, studying strategies while cheering up, striving for customs clearance in the fastest time. The development of this activity has adjusted the tense learning atmosphere of young people to a certain extent, allowing them to get out of the classroom and experience learning, life and getting along with others in different ways; at the same time, it has enhanced the sense of teamwork and felt the joy of collective activities. The small partners participating in the activity sweated, cheered, discussed and felt together. The purpose of this activity is to let everyone feel and share happiness in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and convey a kind of sports, healthy and upward young style and spirit!





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