Women don't let men, see how women in scenic spots will compete in skills.

In order to celebrate the "March 8th" International Women's Day, while showing the demeanor of the majority of female employees, with more enthusiasm and fighting spirit, to promote the improvement of the quality and energy of the workforce, on the day of the March 8th Festival, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area "Women Show Style • Skills Competition", this event received the attention and strong support of leaders from all parties, the chairman of Zhaobaoshan Street Women's Federation, the director of Zhenhai District Scenic and Tourism Administration Office, the curator of Haiphong History Memorial Hall, the person in charge of Zhaobaoshan Street Cultural Station and the general manager of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area all attended the event and served as judges.

The scenic spot explanation competition is divided into two parts: written examination and interview. The contestants who have just finished the written examination took part in the interview competition on March 8. The interview competition consists of two parts: "Attractions" and "Talent Show. The contestants took the stage one by one and turned into tour guides, leading everyone to "visit" the scenic spots of Zhaobaoshan. The contestants' skilled and flexible tour guide explanation impressed the judges; the contestants showed the judges their versatile tour guide skills.



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