Zhaobaoshan Romantic Rose Lighting Festival

Zhaobaoshan Rose Light Festival Shines

Please bring your family partner.

Feel this romantic winter together









/Money Saving Strategy/


Save money strategy 1. enjoyFree

Children under 1.2 meters can enter the park free of charge if accompanied by adults; people over 70 years old, teachers over 30 years old, journalists and people with disabilities can enter the park free of charge with relevant certificates.


Save money strategy 2. spell group purchase

Scan and press to identify the two-dimensional code below to participate in the group. (Long Press QR Code to Buy 30 yuan Value Tickets)


Tickets for Zhaobaoshan Rose Sea Lighting Festival, 4-person group price 30 yuan! Buy 40 yuan alone, the original price is 60 yuan!

Full 4 people can spell the team successfully! If one person needs to buy more than one copy, he can participate in a nearby group or borrow his friend WeChat to buy it! After the group is successful, it will receive the two-dimensional code (in my order, the two-dimensional code can be transferred to him

People), please save the screenshot of the two-dimensional code to the mobile phone photo album in advance, and you can enter the park after scanning the code and changing the area tickets! Insufficient number of team members, automatic refund! Expired unused, automatic refund! Hurry up and ask your friends to come and play together!


Save money strategy 3. share purchase

At the on-site ticket office, you can enjoy half price adult tickets according to the front sign of the door. 1.2-1.5 m children's ticket 20 yuan/ticket.


Activity Details

       Activity time: January 31, 2017 (4th)-February 26

       Opening hours: 17:30-20:30, stop selling tickets at 20:00

       Address: No.10 Zhaobao Mountain Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City

       Tel: 0574-86373030, 4008825990


Warm Tips

       1. Activities will be suspended in case of rainy days (you can call the consultation telephone to inquire whether it is normally open on that day)

       2. It is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous goods into the activity period

       3, do not touch the light modeling, in case of electric shock


Traffic Guide

1. Bus travel

       You can take No. 27, 341, 351, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 385, 387, 392, 396, 541, 778 and 827 to Zhaobaoshan Station.

       2. Self-driving travel

       Navigate directly to "Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area".

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