Prevention and control of the epidemic, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area in action

Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed

Since the Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area resumed opening to the outside world on February 21, people who have not left their homes for many days can come to Zhaobaoshan to take a walk in the spring, relax their muscles and bones, and perk up their spirits. For the people who have been home for a long time, it is a great comfort and encouragement......




However, compared with other industries, the floating population of scenic spots is more, the source is more complex, and it is more likely to cause people to gather. These characteristics determine that a little carelessness in the scenic area may magnify the risk of infection. This puts forward higher requirements for the management ability and service level of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area!





Prevention and control of the epidemic, Zhaobaoshan in action


In order to fully implement the epidemic prevention and control and orderly and controlled opening work, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area strictly implements a number of measures in accordance with the Guidelines for the Orderly Opening of Tourist Attractions and the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in Zhaobaoshan Street:


01 Epidemic prevention and work resumption plan is complete
Do a good job of emergency disposal


The scenic area has established a special prevention and control and open working mechanism, implemented the principle of "one scene, one policy, one scene, one case", formulated the "Emergency Plan for the Prevention and Control of New Crown Pneumonia in Scenic Areas" and carried out drills to ensure effective implementation.





02 installation certificate checking machine
Strengthen the management of tourist registration


According to the Guide to the Prevention and Control Measures for the Resumption of Work and Production of Enterprises and Institutions, employee management uses the Ningbo code, suspends the use of fingerprint attendance machine, and uses the certificate card inspection machine instead. The system of "one entry, one test and one registration per day" is implemented. Employees must have their temperature tested before entering the scenic spot and record their ledgers.





03 Issuance of employee notice
Do a good job in epidemic prevention knowledge popularization


The knowledge of infectious disease prevention will be incorporated into the routine training content of employees. Before the opening of the scenic spot, the full training of employees on epidemic prevention and control will be completed through the issuance of employee notification letters and other channels, so as to achieve the ability to know and deal with emergencies.





04 Visitor Center to Strengthen Publicity
Epidemic prevention video scrolling


The scenic spot scrolls the epidemic prevention video in the tourist center. Through the publicity video in Putonghua and Ningbo dialect, tourists are correctly guided to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work and create an atmosphere in which the whole society scientifically prevents and controls the epidemic and does not believe in rumors or spread rumors.





05 frequent cleaning of public places
One-day secondary ventilation and disinfection


The scenic spot has set up a special disinfection team and supervision team to be responsible for the disinfection and inspection of various areas in the scenic spot, and to establish a standing book for disinfection and inspection, so as to be well documented and traceable.





The orderly opening of the scenic spot is also another war "epidemic". All employees should go all out and avoid paralysis and burnout.Only by "opening up" and prevention and control can we achieve the final victory in epidemic prevention and control!

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