The second tent music culture festival hot registration

The 2nd Zhaobaoshan Tent Music Culture Festival

Activity Details:
       1. all kinds of delicious food for you to taste
We have prepared all kinds of delicious food and drinks for everyone,
In this romantic summer night, food and music match oh ~
Location: In front of the Visitor Center

       2. tide play games carnival party
1. Colorful color spray: color collides with the passion of human body!
2. You didn't discuss it: The hardest drink in history, do you dare to try?
3. March of Frustration and Ice: Ningbo Starts Large-scale Games, Playing Heartbeat and Stimulation, Let 1001 Host Lead You to Cool Up!
Venue: Zhaobao Mountain Lawn
4. Live-action Angry Birds: Turn into an Olympic bird and fly to new heights.
Location: In front of the Visitor Center

       3. Open-air Music Sharing Meeting
Let the notes conquer your ears,
Detonating the wild desire of the heart,
Together into the untamed music world!
Venue: Zhaobaoshan Grand Stage

       4. in the starlight and the child happy
Romantic starry sky, moving music
The stars are shining, the breeze is gentle
Young single men and women
Can be under the starlight tent
To a love encounter
Venue: Great Lawn of South Gate Water Area


Registration method:

Activity time: July 23, 2016 (Saturday) 18: 00-21: 00 (postponed to next week in case of rain)
Number of participants: limited to 500
Tariff standard: adult 60 yuan/person, child (height below 140cm) 40 yuan/person
Registration method: pay attention to the official wechat of "zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot" and click on the ticket purchase window in the menu of "zhaobaoshan-online ticket purchase" of wechat public number to register and purchase tickets.
Tel: 0574-86373030



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