5.19 Zhaobaoshan Volunteers in Action

On the 5.19 day, China tourism day, zhaobao mountain volunteers zhaobao mountain scenic area to carry out volunteer service activities. Under the scorching sun, volunteers actively provide voluntary guidance for tourists and help the elderly and the disabled in various volunteer service posts in the scenic area.




and environmental protection and other voluntary service activities.

"Volunteer service is a warm cause, and tourism is a happy cause. At the critical moment when Zhenhai District seizes the development of tourism and enhances the image of a tourist city, 'volunteer service tourism' is the best combination of spiritual civilization and life experience. It is also Zhenhai District's desire to become a warm city. "The captain of the Zhaobaoshan Volunteer Service Team said," Volunteers gather together for a common green concept. We hope to promote a civilized life through our own behavior and open a new era of green tourism.


A tour group from Shanghai, volunteers patiently answer questions for tourists.





Volunteers check in at the ticket gate.

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