To implement epidemic prevention and control, improve the efficiency of entering the park, the "artifact" of temperature measurement-the "thermal imaging body thermometer" is on line!

Temperature measurement "artifact"

"Thermal imaging body thermometer" is coming!


Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area has fully implemented epidemic prevention and control and orderly and controlled opening up. It has implemented compulsory inspection at the entrance of the scenic area, and has used thermometers to measure the temperature of tourists and register them. However, ordinary frontal temperature gun detection is less efficient, easy to cause congestion and confusion.




In order to better improve the tourist control measures, shorten the time of tourist ticket, and improve the speed of tourists entering the park. On the day of the opening of the park on February 21, the thermal imaging body thermometer, the "artifact" of temperature measurement in Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot, was installed and officially put into use, realizing fast, safe and senseless body temperature detection.




△ The thermal imaging screen is displayed on the computer screen at the ticket office, which displays the body temperature of the tourists entering the scenic spot in real time.




△ In addition, the sunshade corridor built at the entrance of the scenic spot serves as a cooling channel for tourists under long-term sun exposure, which helps the thermal imager to measure body temperature more accurately.


Introduction to "Thermal Imaging Body Thermometer"

Thermal imaging temperature measurement technology products are the use of thermal imaging temperature detection, reduce the risk of cross-infection, detection accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees. The ability to monitor and screen body temperature with "high precision, high efficiency, safety and reliability" greatly reduces the burden on staff and effectively builds an "intelligent line of defense" for the new coronary pneumonia ".




temperature-5.jpgEpidemic prevention and control requires you and me to work together.


The thermal imaging body thermometer can quickly detect the body temperature of the passing person, which greatly improves the traffic efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, and also reduces the risk of cross-infection. The scenic spot hopes that the general public tourists will actively cooperate with the management of the scenic spot during the visit and jointly win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!

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