Hidden too deep! There are so many secrets hidden in Zhaobaoshan!

1. Is Zhaobaoshan a lonely mountain?

Zhaobaoshan is separated by the gray turtle ocean and the Yongjiang river, which looks like a lonely hill from the visual point of view. in fact, before the opening of the town harbor, there were tiger squatting mountains and large and small wandering mountains outside Zhaobaoshan, which disappeared into the long river of history due to the need of port filling. Looking at the big picture, Zhaobao Mountain belongs to the Tiantai Mountains. Tiantai Mountain, also known as Tongbai Mountain, is majestic and stretches for thousands of miles. It meets the four cities of Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jinhua, and Wenzhou. Its northern mountain range starts from Xiangshan Port, passes through Jin'e Mountain, Baiyan Mountain, Taibai Mountain, and Zongtai Mountain, and enters the sea in the east of Jinji Mountain and Zhaobao Mountain.



Zhaobao Mountain is only 80 meters above sea level. It is only a small mountain in the Tiantai Mountains. However, Zhaobao Mountain is bordered by the sea in the east, swallows the Yongjiang River in the south, and faces Jinji Mountain across the river. There is a poem saying, "Mo Xiaohou Tao Mountain, the first pass from the east", which refers to the important role of Zhaobao Mountain.



2. Does Baotuo Temple also belong to Tiantai Sect?

Tiantai Mountain is famous for its "Buddha's source of Taoism, beautiful mountains and rivers", and is also the birthplace of Tiantai Buddhism. Is Baotuo Temple located in Zhaobao Mountain also Tiantai Buddhism? The full name of Baotuo Temple is Baotuo Zen Temple, which was originally moved from the Purple Bamboo Forest of Mount Putuo and refused to go to Guanyin Hospital.



Zen Buddhism and Tiantai Buddhism are both influential Buddhist sects in eastern Zhejiang. Many tourists often cannot tell the difference when visiting temples. For example, Guoqing Temple, Wulei Temple and Zongguan Temple all belong to Tiantai Buddhism, while Tiantong Temple, Qita Temple and Xuedou Temple all belong to Zen Buddhism. Of course, those called Tiantai Buddhism are not necessarily Tiantai Buddhism, such as Duobao Temple in Sanmen.



3. Does the tower really exist in history?

Many people have heard of such a story. It is said that in ancient times, when Zhaobao Mountain went to the sea, there were behemoths haunted, making waves, capsized ships and flooded the dike, and the people were restless. One day, a monk came to Zhaobao Mountain. He told the presiding elder to build a tower here to ensure peace on the sea. At the end of the speech, a red light suddenly appeared, and the monk did not know where to go. He presided over the elder's busy pilgrimage to the sky and read "Amita Buddha". It turned out to be Guanyin Bodhisattva's spiritual guidance. The next day, according to Guanyin Bodhisattva's instructions, the elders began to build a brick seven-story pagoda on the mountain, which was named Aozhu Pagoda after completion. It is strange to say that since then, no behemoth has been seen on the sea. The sea has been peaceful since then, and the Aojiang Pillar Tower has come from this.


△ Tickets for Zhaobaoshan Scenic Spot in Early 1990 s


△ Tickets for Zhaobaoshan Scenic Spot in Early 2000


We can see that there was no Aojiang Pagoda on the tickets of Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area in the early 1990 s, and the Aojiang Pagoda was built in 1999. There is also no record of the Aojiang Pillar Tower in the Zhenhai County Annals. Experts from the former Zhenhai Cultural Insurance Institute had different opinions. A long time ago, there was a tower on Zhaobao Mountain, but the tower at that time was very small and far less majestic than it is today.



4. Was Zhaobaoshan once an island?

Historical research shows that about 6000 years ago, the coastline was around Sanguantang, and the Yongjiang River entered the sea. This shows that Zhaobaoshan was indeed an island a long time ago. 4000 years ago, the sea continued to retreat, the coastline extended to Zhenhai, and Zhaobao Mountain became a peninsula. In 1974, with the construction of Zhenhai New Port, the coastline was moved beyond the Grand Tour Mountain, and Zhaobao Mountain completely entered the hinterland of Zhenhai.



△ From the satellite map of Zhenhai County in the 1960 s, we can clearly see that Zhaobao Mountain is like a peninsula extending from the mainland to the East China Sea. Ouyou Mountain and Hukoushan Mountain are small islands hanging alone in the open sea.



Delta now we see Zhenhai satellite map (from Google map), Zhaobaoshan is already in the hinterland of Zhenhai, will you sigh with emotion about historical changes?






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