Up to 6 people are free! Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area has issued "Remain Town Gift Bags" to migrant workers working in Zhenhai Enterprises!

Family Joy


This year, the country called on everyone to "celebrate the New Year on the spot" and "not returning home if necessary" has become a "new epidemic". During the Spring Festival, a large number of employees from other provinces chose to stay in Zhenhai for the Spring Festival.

For employees from other provinces who stay in Zhenhai for the New Year, Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area has launched a series of preferential activities during the Spring Festival to accompany the majority of new Ningbo people to spend a warm and extraordinary Spring Festival!


Stay in town gift bag

"This place of peace of mind is home"

Working in Zhenhai Enterprise

Blessed are the migrant workers!


During the Spring Festival, Zhaobaoshan tourist Scenic spot gave a "big gift bag" full of friendship to migrant workers who paid social security in Zhenhai District ". Tourists can enter the park free of tickets with their special Alipay vouchers, and they can bring up to 5 relatives to enter the park free of tickets,

       Activity time

February 8-February 26

       Active Object

Migrant workers who pay social security in Zhenhai District


In order to ensure the safety of tourism during the Spring Festival and strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the scenic spot, Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot will implement a strict reservation system during the Spring Festival.

       Appointment Method:

Scan the two-dimensional code or click on the end of the text to read the original text, and log in to "Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot official micro" to make an appointment.

Call 0574-86256931 for reservation


   Scan the two-dimensional code below to make an admission reservation.


Scenic series of preferential activities


1. During the Spring Festival (New Year's Eve-the sixth day of the month), employees from other provinces who stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival will enjoy a preferential policy of one-person exemption for three people traveling to Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area (2 full-price tickets for purchase and one-person exemption) on the basis of their valid work certificates/certificates of their units.
2. Enterprises around Ningbo organize employees from other provinces who stay in Ningbo for the New Year to travel to Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area. They only need to pay the ticket price of the scenic area team agreement. Please contact 0574-86256931 for details.
3. At that time, the scenic spot will launch a series of activities to buy tickets (60 yuan adult tickets/30 yuan half price tickets) and give mysterious gifts. The daily quantity is limited, first come, first served.

Zhenhai has a large floating population and is under great pressure to prevent and control the epidemic,
We need the understanding and support of every new and old Ningbo people,
Happy New Year in the town, the Spring Festival roaming Zhaobao Mountain,
When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, the meeting will be longer!



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