What kind of story does the legend say about the immortal cave where the Eight Immortals practiced?

Walking through the magnificent and long-standing Weiyuan City, the Aojiang Pillar Pagoda is in sight, the towering ancient trees shade the sun, turn right down the mountain, the tree-lined path begins to move forward, tossing and turning back to see a cave, this mysterious cave used to be a place for fishermen in Zhenhai to worship Mazu and the Eight Immortals, where did the Mazu Pavilion and the Immortal Cave come from? There is such a legend......


The Eight Immortals and the Legend of Mazu


Legend has it that a long time ago, Zhaobao Mountain was full of aura, green mountains and beautiful waters, birds and flowers. There is an immortal cave on the mountain, where the eight immortals once lived and practiced. They saw fishermen living in poverty and suffering from diseases and had no money to treat them. The Eight Immortals were merciful and helped the world to help the poor, so they gathered the power of all people to dig a well. Ordinary people drinking the water from the well can prolong their life. The sick people can drink the water from the well to heal the epidemic. Later people call this well Immortal Well.



Later, at the invitation of Baiyun Immortals, they participated in the peony blossoms of Penglai Fairy Island. The Eight Immortals left this cave and crossed the sea eastward. On the way, they clashed with the son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, so they showed their magic power. For a while, the two sides fought inextricably. The Eight Immortals defeated the son of the Dragon King and crossed the sea smoothly.



The son of the Dragon King held a grudge and learned that the Immortals Cave on Zhaobao Mountain had once lived for the Eight Immortals. So the flood of sea water, not only destroyed the fishermen's residence at the foot of Zhaobao Mountain, but also intended to destroy the Xianrendong and Xianrenjing.



At this critical moment, a red light suddenly flashed, and a woman in Zhu clothes appeared in front of the son of the Dragon King, calling herself Mazu, and persuading the son of the Dragon King to stop. Instead of listening, the son of the Dragon King would eat Mazu. So Mazu acted for heaven, cut off its dragon head, and petrified beside the fairy well.



Under the blessing of Mazu, the people at the bottom of the Zhaobao Mountain have a good weather, live and work in peace and contentment, and live a happy life. In order to thank the Eight Immortals and Mazu for their kindness, later generations built portraits of the Eight Immortals and Mazu in this cave for the world to admire.



Now that you are visiting Zhaobao Mountain, you must come to this cave on the mountainside on the east side of Zhaobao Mountain. The Mazu Pavilion at the entrance of the cave is dedicated to the statue of Mazu with gold stickers. It is dignified and solemn, which is awe-inspiring. There are murals on the four walls depicting Mazu's story of saving people from danger and helping the weak and the poor.



Down to the bottom of the cave, there are eight white jade statues of earth immortals, such as Tieguai Li, Han Zhongli, Zhang Guolao, Lan Caihe, He Xiangu, Lv Dongbin, Han Xiangzi and Cao Guojiu, which are exquisitely carved and lifelike in form and appearance.



There is also a spring hole in the cave, called "fairy well". The well water is sweet and cool, and it does not dry up in all seasons. What is more wonderful is that there is a cluster of "water hibiscus" in the fairy well. Lotus is a symbol of innocence and holiness, and it is more Zen and realm in the fairy cave.




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