"stay in town courtesy" travel voucher package began to apply for registration! Eligible "stay in town" free tour zhaobaoshan!

"This place of peace of mind is home"! Blessed are the migrant workers working in Zhenhai enterprises! During the Spring Festival, Zhaobaoshan tourist Scenic spot gave a "big gift bag" full of friendship to migrant workers who paid social security in Zhenhai District ". Tourists can enter the park free of tickets with their Alipay special vouchers, and they can bring up to 5 relatives to enter the park free of tickets.


So here comes the question,

How do you apply for a special voucher at Alipay?

This afternoon Zhenhai cultural tourism sports

Issued "stay in town courtesy" travel voucher package,

Including the eight major scenic spots including Zhaobao Mountain free tour!

Application strategy look here!


Claim Raiders


◎ Participants:

As of January 11, non-Zhenhai household registration with resident identity card information to participate in social security in Zhenhai enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the region.

◎ Registration time:

February 3, 00:00-February 6, 23:59

◎ Registration process:

① Open Alipay mobile phone APP

② Search for "stay in town courtesy" in the search box on the homepage of Alipay"

In the search results, click "stay in town courtesy". Enter the small program


Slide left and right to view the registration process diagram


◎ Warm Tips:

Only if the mobile phone system is located in Ningbo city can it be registered.

When a user registers, the system automatically reads the user's Alipay identity information and compares it with the whitelist. If the user ID number exists in the whitelist, the information registration is completed; otherwise, the registration fails.


Use Rules


◎ Use time:

8 February 2021-26 February 2021

◎ Scope of use:

8 scenic spots in Zhenhai District

◎ Preferential policies:

Enter the scenic spot with this ticket free ticket (excluding scenic exchange and other consumption items).

This coupon cannot be withdrawn, transferred or transferred for use by others,Unlimited number of uses, can carry up to 5 people.

Tourists enter the scenic spotYou must make an appointment in advance, wear a mask and show your health code., you can enter only after passing the temperature measurement. When the reception of tourists reaches the prescribed limit, the scenic spot will be suspended, and tourists are advised to pay close attention to the official public number of the scenic spot or call the consultation number.


Spring Festival admission reservation


In order to ensure the safety of tourism during the Spring Festival and strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the scenic spot, Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot will implement a strict reservation system during the Spring Festival.


◎ Appointment method:

1. Scan the two-dimensional code or click on the end of the article to read the original text, and log in to "Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area Official Wei" to make an appointment.

2. Call 0574-86256931 to make an appointment

◎ Two-dimensional code reservation:


(Source: Zhenhaiwen Tourism)



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