"Enjoy May Day, Hi fun Garden Party" | Highlights of Zhaobaoshan's "May Day" Activities!

"May Day" Labor Day is getting closer and closer to us,

This year's "May Day" will be closed for 5 consecutive days!

Are you ready to play somewhere?

Flowers are blooming, spring is good!

Come to Zhaobao Mountain for a tour,

"enjoy may day hi fun garden party"

The wonderful May Day,

Don't miss it, everyone!


May Day Ticket Preferential Policy


   Pay tribute to the model workers, set a spiritual example for us, learn from the model workers, work hard and make unremitting efforts! They took root in their posts, fulfilled their duties, and created extraordinary achievements in ordinary years with their unremitting persistence.

On the special day of May 1, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area "learns from model workers"! All tourists who have won the titles of "model worker" and "advanced worker" at or above the district level can visit the scenic spot free of ticket with their certificates and ID cards.

Offer time: May 1, 2021

Gather to recruit treasures and sing May Day


The youth of May is full of spirits. The singing in May is loud and clear. Zhaobao Mountain in May is full of vitality! In the passionate and passionate days, we ushered in a holiday that belongs to workers all over the world-"May 1st" International Labor Day!

On this holiday season, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area has prepared a splendid performance for all tourists. Let's"Gather to attract treasures-Sing May Day", eulogizing the spirit of labor, praising the World Labor Day and eulogizing the new era.

Venue: Zhaobaoshan Grand Stage

Performance time: morning of May 1, 2021

"Back to the Ming Dynasty Qi Anti-Japanese" orientation match


Zhaobaoshan is known as the "Mountain of Heroes" and was once one of the main battlefields of anti-Japanese, anti-British, anti-French and anti-Japanese in the southeast coast of my country. Think back to that year, the famous anti-Japanese soldiers Lu Tang, Yu Dayou, and Qi Jiguang defeated the Japanese pirates here; the national heroes Lin Zexu and Yu Qian supervised the defense of Zhenhai; the garrison Wu Jie personally used artillery and shelled French ships to win the Sino-French naval battle; the patriotic soldiers and civilians shared the same hatred and fought back the Japanese army.

Follow the past and escape the present, gather patriotic enthusiasm, understand the treasure culture, and relive the unforgettable war history. Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area takes the Ming Dynasty as the background, simulates the coastal defense environment at that time, sets up directional competition checkpoints in combination with the terrain of the scenic area, and can obtain small gifts for customs clearance after completing the designated tasks!

Activity time: May 2-3, 2021

Place of Seal: Inside the Visitor Center

"I am a little red army" experience activities


In the struggle between blood and fire, the revolutionary martyrs used their blood and life to compose a series of magnificent and moving poems, making immortal contributions to the victory of the Chinese revolution, and leaving the most precious spiritual wealth for future generations.

Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area leads the children to live a day in the Red Army through group building and expansion activities, wearing a Red Army uniform, visiting a red site, singing a red song and reading a red text, so that the children can feel the red first heart and relive the red memory along the footsteps of the revolutionary ancestors!

Activity time: May 2, 2021

Note: Interested teams can make an appointment to sign up in the later period, and the scenic spot will provide clothing.

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