The Age of Awakening-"Boat" Commitment-Zhaobaoshan National Day Retro Theme Garden Exposition

The mountains and rivers are far and wide, the country is rich and the people are safe.

 Zhaobaoshan, as a comprehensive tourist area integrating natural scenery, cultural landscape and religious culture in Ningbo, is also an important part of Zhenhai coastal defense site. It has a certain historical background. Because it is the main way for merchant ships to enter and exit, Zhaobaoshan is a place for military strategists. In order to resist foreign aggression and harassment, many national heroes and patriots have written an epic historical chapter here. Since modern times, many patriotic awakening people have started ideological and cultural movements in order to awaken the sleeping China.


This garden party combines the characteristics of Zhaobaoshan scenic spot, takes clock-in customs clearance as the form of expression, and integrates elements such as Zhaobaoshan coastal defense, sea silk, scholarly fragrance and folk art.The four angles of "ship", "red ship", "merchant ship" and "spaceship" interpret the Chinese nation's struggle against foreign enemies-national awakening-trade development-science and technology cultureA series of processes, to create the national tide as the highlight of the business retro theme garden party (bazaar). In this sports activity experience, feel the characteristics of Zhaobaoshan scenic spot and participate in the experience, improve the cultural tourism life, and expand the brand awareness of Zhaobaoshan.

National Day Retro Theme Garden

  • Activity Theme

The Age of Awakening-"Ship"

  • Activity time

October 1, 2021-October 3, 2021

  • Activity Location

Ningbo Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area

Zhaobao Fair

Set up a treasure fair with the theme of retro national tide

1. Foundation Booth

Food, traditional skills, high-tech

2. Ad hoc booth

Flower Girl Newsboy Freelander Tea

Park clock-in activities

   With "ship" as the core, set up tourist clock-in points, "ship", "red ship", "merchant ship" and "spaceship" as manifestations, and clock-in for interactive experience, so that tourists can experience the development process of China in different periods.

1 The ship

Set up a micro-exhibition market booth: focus on displaying China's coastal defense history from ancient times to the present. Zhaobaoshan has been the "gateway to eastern Zhejiang" for thousands of years. Because of its special geographical location, it has experienced anti-Japanese, anti-British, anti-French, and anti-Japanese integration. Show everyone the coastal defense events from history to modern times in the form of words and pictures. Watch and get a stamp.

2 The Red Boat

Set up a clock-in point beside the boat by the river to feel the spark of the red ancestors, and get a stamp if you take a photo.

3. Merchant shipping

Chinese silk cloth is also exported to overseas, and the tie-dyeing technique can make the cloth glow with a new look. It is through the yarn, thread, rope and other tools, the fabric for binding, sewing, binding, embellishment, clip and other forms of combination after dyeing. Visitors can participate in the experience of tie-dyeing activities, making their own unique tie-dye pattern. Tourists can get a seal after experiencing it.

4 The Spaceship

Zhaobaoshan is China's first air defense war theme park. With the launch of the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft, it marks the unprecedented development of our science and technology and culture. Small paper plane contest, visitors to participate in origami aircraft, flying distance, small gift awards.

Interactive Experience

Multiple interactive experience of the garden, a close experience of Zhaobaoshan culture

1, leisurely scholarly fragrance

 Nowadays, with the progress of science and technology, people are used to typing on the keyboard instead of communicating with writing brushes in ancient times. Now we still need to continuously study calligraphy, popularize calligraphy knowledge and introduce calligraphy skills, so that tourists can personally experience the charm of Chinese calligraphy by grinding ink, dipping ink, starting pen, transporting pen and collecting pen.

2, photo background wall and pile head

 For tourists to clock in and take photos.


3. bookmark wind chimes

The bookmark wind chimes of ancient poems with missing words are hung on the eaves, and tourists can fill in the words to get the bookmark.

4. National Tide Costumes and Elements

The on-site service personnel of the whole market uniformly wore national fashion clothes or decorations to set off the atmosphere.

5. NPC on-site publicity

 "Extra" is our memory of newsboys. We use the images of newsboys, flower girls, small peddlers, etc. to interact with tourists, which not only promotes activities but also increases the elements of the national tide.

Welcome visitors to come to play

Zhaobaoshan is waiting for you ~




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