Traveling through time and space is like a dream! Youyou scholarly fragrance, tie-dyeing experience, zhaobao market, on the last day of tomorrow, don't rush to clock in!

The longest holiday of the year has finally arrived ~

The 11th Golden Week of Zhaobao Mountain

It's just...People! Qi! Blast! Shed!

Come and see it first!!!

The fireworks in the world are the most touching to the hearts of mortals.

In the Age of Awakening, the Fire "Boat" Undertakes

Zhaobaoshan National Day Retro Theme Garden Meeting

Continue to ship"

This is a portal

Next you will come

characterized by creativity, diversity, novelty and experience

Zhaobao Market


# Sugar gourd## Childhood memories## Sugar painting#

# Retro elements## Flowers## Hanfu#

These stirring keywords come together

This is the treasure market.

Childhood bazaar has been hidden in our memories for too long

The lively school gate, the street food

What can't be forgotten is always the vision and excitement of striding towards the market.

Brought by Zhaobaoshan this time[Zhaobao Market]]

Can take you to find that belongs to the special memories

Bring friends and family

Come to Zhaobao Mountain and return to the past

Relive the beauty hidden in the bottom of my heart

Since it is the "boat" of the fire.

How can there be no boat?

At the activity site, collect the punch card.

You can participate in the interactive experience

Let everyone feel the development process of China in different periods in the experience


Micro exhibition


It focuses on the history of coastal defense in China from ancient times to the present. Zhaobaoshan has been the "gateway to eastern Zhejiang" for thousands of years. Because of its special geographical location, it has experienced anti Japanese, anti British, anti French and Anti Japanese in one, and shows the coastal defense events from history to modern times through micro exhibition.

red ship]

Punch in for photos

Set up a clock-in point beside the boat by the river to feel the spark of the red ancestors.

merchant ship]

Tie-Dye Experience


Once the autumn wind, grass and trees are white dyed.tie-dyeIn ancient times, it was called twisted valerian, commonly known as tied flowers. It is a dyeing method in which the fabric is partially tied up so that it cannot be colored when dyeing. It is a traditional Chinese manual dyeing technique. Through yarn, thread, rope and other tools, the fabric is tied, stitched, bound, embellished, clamped and other forms of combination after dyeing. Everyone can make their own unique tie-dye patterns through the experience.


paper airplane

Zhaobaoshan is my country's first air defense war theme park. With the launch of the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft, it marks the unprecedented development of our science, technology and culture. Experience the paper airplane competition on the lawn. The person who flies the farthest distance can win the grand prize. one copy.

After the clock-in "tickets" are collected

And there'sExquisite small gift exchangeOh!

Warm Tip: Participate in the tremolo topic# Zhaobaoshan National Day Garden Meeting# or send the designated tweet to the circle of friends, collecting 88 zan, send "screenshot name contact information" to Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot public number backstage, you can participate in the lottery.


Chinese civilization has a long history

Chinese characters are one of the treasures

After the clock-in

You can also come to the booth [Youyou Shuxiang]

Splash ink together

Start the journey of Chinese traditional culture and art

It is said

People who love "lively" will not have too bad luck ~

National Day holiday, come to Zhaobao Mountain

Feel the retro garden party!




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