The most romantic thing in spring | came to Zhaobao Mountain to meet a "cherry blossom rain"!

cherry-blossom-rain-2.pngSpring Garden


In March of Yangchun, Zhaobao Mountain has changed in spring. The sky is blue, the mountain is green, the water is green, and the pace of spring is quietly approaching. Everywhere is a vibrant scene, in the glow of new life, all happy and beautiful.




At this time, the cherry blossoms in Zhaobaoshan are in full bloom, and the white sea of flowers is gorgeous throughout the spring!





cherry-blossom-rain-2.pngRomantic Garden


Bathed in the bright spring scenery, walked into Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area. On both sides of Yingbin Avenue, dozens of cherry blossoms bloomed like snow and welcomed guests, and the whole air was filled with a faint fragrance.




Cherry blossoms bloom in early spring and bloom on the branches. Although they do not have the proud frost and snow spirit of wintersweet, they are enchanting and fragrant.




The cherry blossoms are full of branches, and the cherry blossoms are like pink clouds. Yuan Zhen of the Tang Dynasty had a poem saying: "When sending you under the cherry tree, one inch of spring heart will break branches one by one. Don't lovesickness at most, thousands of trees hanging around the forest. "It also shows people's love for cherry blossoms.




"A tree blooms, moving the spring, a spring full of flowers, amazing time. "In the romantic cherry blossom season in Zhaobaoshan, I met cherry blossoms all over the garden unexpectedly, drenched in a cherry blossom rain, and met a sea of pink flowers. The most beautiful season in the world is this!





cherry-blossom-rain-2.pngSakura Appreciation Address


The cherry blossoms in Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area are distributed in Yingbin Avenue, Jizhen Lake, and the outdoor exhibition area of China Air Defense Expo Park.




"Full garden spring can't hide, a cloud cherry out of the wall! "The cherry trees in the China Air Defense Expo Park are mainly concentrated on the side of the wall near Weiyuan Road, and look like clouds of white clouds from afar, which is really beautiful!




According to the relevant work requirements of superiors, the China Air Defense Expo Park will resume opening on March 24, 2020. We can finally have a romantic date with the cherry blossoms in the China Air Defense Expo Park!






A cherry blossom from blooming to withering

Only 14 days.

Let us witness the cherry blossoms together

Hope comes more than spring

And peace after the epidemic.

May the haze dissipate and hope come



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