It's the most beautiful time of the year again | give you 6 reasons for spring outing to Zhaobaoshan!

Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and every plant and tree in Zhaobao Mountain has woken up in the sun. From the scenic mountain and sea landscape to the historic coastal defense sites, from the Buddhist culture of Sanskrit to the picturesque ecological environment, tourists can linger in this brocade spring. Can not help admiring: the original spring of the recruit treasure mountain can be so beautiful!


Starting from today, the Aojiang Pillar Tower and Xianren Cave in the scenic area will officially resume their opening to the outside world. Only when the spring scenery is just right can they meet the most beautiful scenery of Zhaobao Mountain!

In the days of warm spring flowers, the spring breeze blows out not only the warm spring, but also the unstoppable fragrance!



The spring of Zhaobaoshan will give you different surprises every month: the cherry blossom in March is like fire, igniting the passion of Zhaobaoshan in spring; In April, the cuckoo was arrogant and gorgeous, which brought the vitality of spring in Zhaobaoshan. May rose and Wei powder were tender, awakening the freshness of early summer!



Spring equinox season, rain Ji scenery, thousands of flowers and hundreds of flowers compete for bright. At this time, I came to Zhaobao Mountain and met the romantic cherry blossom rain.



Although there are not many cherry trees in the scenic area, each one is very delicate. The brown twigs are covered with pink and white cherry blossoms. A gust of wind blows and the cherry blossoms are scattered everywhere, which is intoxicating!



If you have never been to Zhaobaoshan, you can't imagine how beautiful the scene of "a river flowing eastward" is! Yongjiang River is the mother river of Ningbo. It originates from Siming Mountain and ends at Zhaobao Mountain. It runs into the East China Sea in a winding and mighty way.



The God of Wealth Square, Weiyuan City and Aozhu Pagoda are the best places to watch the sea and sky scenery on Zhaobao Mountain. The Yongjiang River rolled east into the sea, the Jinji Mountain on the south bank and the Zhaobao Mountain in Zhenhai faced each other across the river, and the majestic Zhaobao Mountain Bridge lay on both sides of the Yongjiang River.



The sky is broad, the clouds are blooming, the sky is blue, the islands of the East China Sea are like pearls on the East China Sea, and the Zhoushan Bridge and the town harbor dock have a panoramic view. Feel the warm spring sunshine and fresh and natural sea breeze oncoming taste, suddenly let people forget the worldly troubles!



In Zhaobaoshan Square, where flowers contend, everyone can find a "garden party" in Zhaobaoshan Square ".



So this spring is the favorite Zhaobaoshan of Zhenhai people. It is like a big park in the downtown area. Despite the busy traffic outside, she still keeps her quiet and peaceful, and is at peace with the world......



In the days of spring, parents take their children, children hold the elderly, and the elderly carry each other. In Zhaobaoshan, a big park, strolling and climbing together, chatting with the old Ningbo saying of "Shi Gu Iron Hard". The dull days are like the empty clouds on the Aojiang Pillar Tower, which is enviable!




In the past two days, more and more provinces have announced the resumption of schools. It is very important to prepare children before the start of school! Haitian Xiongguan Zhaobao Mountain is a mountain of blessing and wisdom. It is the source of dreams for students to pray for dreams and bless the list. May the children be full of vitality to welcome the new semester, and it is most suitable to come to Zhaobao Mountain!



Aojiang Pagoda is the commanding height of Zhenhai and the landmark building of Zhaobaoshan. Because it contains the beautiful vision of "being the best", anyone who comes here will climb to the top of the tower to look into the distance, hoping to bring wisdom and luck.



There is also a blessing forest behind the temple of Baotuo Temple, which is now spitting new buds. In the blessing forest is a blessing belt, take a wish, ask for a blessing, and wish everything you want in the coming year!




Zhaobaoshan, although not the only strange mountains and rivers in the world, has become a mountain of heroes, a mountain of culture and a mountain of wealth in modern Chinese history with its magnificent scenery and long history.



The well-preserved national key cultural relic town haikou coastal defense site group on the mountain: Weiyuan city, Ming and Qing stele group, moon city and other scenic spots. These leftover cultural relics and historic sites vaguely record the difficult and difficult historical years of the past. At the same time, they are also the historical testimony of the people of Zhenhai who love the motherland, defy violence, resist foreign aggression, and constantly strive for self-improvement!




Spring is a season of recovery of nature. The vegetation is new and green, and all things are alive. Come out for an outing, enjoy flowers, and climb Zhaobao Mountain. In this way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and exercise your body, killing two birds with one stone!



Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise. A pattering spring rain has just passed, washing the dust in the air, coming to Zhaobao Mountain to breathe fresh air, breathing the exhaust gas in the body, and feeling comfortable and smooth!



Zhaobao Mountain is only 81.6 meters above sea level. It is easy to climb the steps and enjoy the scenery of Zhaobao Mountain while climbing the mountain. Its green ecological environment, rich cultural landscape, long-standing cultural relics, diverse biological species, and unique natural environment must make you linger!




Most of the scenic spots in Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area have been opened, but the epidemic is not over yet. While visiting the scenic area, please actively cooperate with the management of the scenic area and work together to win the epidemic prevention and control war!

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