"Standing East China Sea Guard" | Do you know how many ancient forts there are on Zhaobao Mountain?

Zhenhai Zhaobaoshan "Guliuyi's throat, the key to the whole Zhejiang, and the important way for merchant ships to enter and leave, has always been a battleground for military strategists. Since the middle of the Ming Dynasty, Zhenhai has successively experienced wars against Japanese pirates and foreign aggression such as anti-British, anti-French and anti-Japanese, leaving behind many epic heroic stories and rich and precious coastal defense batteries in Zhaobaoshan, which is no more than 100 meters.




The existing ancient cannons on Zhaobao Mountain were produced in the years of Daoguang, Guangxu and Xianfeng, all of which were cast iron front-loaded smoothbore cannons. These ancient cannons also have a very powerful name: "Red Cannon"!




Since the Ming Dynasty's famous anti-Japanese commander Lu Tang began to build Weiyuan City, the batteries on Zhaobao Mountain have been continuously strengthened and improved, casting them into an indestructible "coastal fortress". Now do you know where these batteries are distributed?




01 City of the month

Yuecheng was built by Ouyang Li, the prefect of Zhejiang during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty. It was equivalent to the barbican of Weiyuan City. In order to achieve the purpose of concealment, Yuecheng was designed to be low and short, so that enemy ships at sea could not see Yuecheng in the distance. There were four cannons on the city, which played a great role in the battle of Zhenhai in the Sino-French War!




Today, there is a "red cannon" on each side of the moon city gate ".




02 Wu Gong Ji Gong Monument Pavilion

Wu Gong's name was Wu Jie, a general who had great achievements in the Sino-French War. Wu Gong Ji Gong Monument Pavilion was built on Wu Jie's 100th birthday in 1936 to commemorate his heroic achievements in the Sino-French War. The four-pillar pavilion is the top of the mountain, and the two left and right pillars in the south are engraved with the couplet "Fenggong stays in the shade of Zi, Prestige Town Europe. The built-in "Wu Gong Ji Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Ji Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Ji Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Wu Jie's life story.




Two "red cannons" and two carved stone horses are arranged on the platform below the Wu Gong Ji Gong Monument Pavilion to pay tribute to Wu Gong's heroic achievements.




03 Jinzi Mountain

The mountain is only 24.5 meters above sea level, but its military status is very important. As early as in the early Ming Dynasty, Xingguo Gong Tang He built a guard in Zhenhaituo City, with the top of Jinzi Mountain as the guard of the northeast of Zhenhaicheng, and set up a garrison to guard against the movements of Japanese pirates and thieves on the sea. At that time, it was called "the thief knows the mouth", forming a horn with the opposite Zhaobao Mountain......




Today, there is still a "red cannon" on the top of the mountain, which is located in the mountain and controls the sea. It can overlook the whole city of Zhenhai. It once played a very important role in resisting foreign invasion!




04 Anyuan Battery

Anyuan Fort is located at the southern foot of Zhaobao Mountain. Because the fort is made of a mixture of yellow mud, sand, carbon and glutinous rice, it can play the role of "overcoming rigidity with softness", so Anyuan Fort is also called "glutinous rice" Fort.




The fort was originally equipped with a German-made 21cm caliber rotary coast cannon, which was later destroyed by the Japanese army. At present, there are 3 front-loaded iron guns and 5 small-caliber iron guns in the northeast of the fort, forming a large-scale ancient gun group.




05 Sino-French War Victory Monument

At the southern foot of Zhaobao Mountain, there is also a monument to commemorate the victory of the Battle of Zhenhai, which is magnificent and dignified. It was established to commemorate the only battle in the modern history of China that won a complete victory in the coastline battle-the Battle of Zhenhai in the Sino-French War.




The platform is equipped with three "red cannons", with their backs on Zhaobaoshan and facing the East China Sea, with awe-inspiring momentum!




Xiongguan long ancient fort,

The scene of bloodshed and smoke is long gone!

And you have a chance to walk through this sea and sky,

Or stroking this rusty old cannon,

that sense of honor and history,

It will still make you excited!

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