Important News | Zhenhai District Kindergarten 2020 Autumn Enrollment Forecast Is Coming!

Zhenhai District Kindergarten 2020


Fall Admissions Preview


In order to do a good job in the enrollment of all kinds of kindergartens at all levels in our district in the autumn of 2020, according to the spirit of the document "notice of zhenhai district education bureau on doing a good job in the enrollment of kindergartens in the whole district in 2020" (zhenjiao [2020] No. 13), the relevant enrollment work is hereby announced as follows:



Co-ordination to do a good job of enrollment.The district and town (street) levels coordinate the enrollment of kindergartens at all levels and types in the district. The district education bureau is responsible for the guidance and coordination of kindergarten enrollment in the district, and each town (street) is specifically responsible for all levels and types of kindergartens in the jurisdiction Enrollment work (the enrollment work of kindergartens directly under the District Education Bureau is included in the town and street).

The list of qualified kindergartens in zhenhai district in autumn 2020 and the enrollment plan of public (collective) kindergartens are published on Zhenhai Today, WeChat Public Number of Zhenhai Education Portal, and the District Education Bureau page of the website of zhenhai district People's Government of Ningbo City. (




Adhere to the principle of "consistent housing and household" priority and sequential enrollment.




Children of migrant workers admission policy.When children of migrant workers apply for admission in our district, their parents or legal guardians should meet the following conditions at the same time: (1) Both parents have relatively fixed residences in Zhenhai District, and hold a valid residence permit for one year or more as of the announced enrollment date (Without interruption). When signing up, you need to provide a "residence permit" and a formal lease contract for temporary residence rental (including the following year or more), and the addresses of the two certificates are consistent. The father (mother) of the (II) has a stable occupation in Zhenhai District, and has been in the six districts under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City (referring to the six districts of Zhenhai, Beilun, Haishu, Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Fenghua, etc.) before the announced enrollment date. Pay social insurance for one year or more. At least one parent (parent) must be provided with a labor contract and social security certificate signed with the work unit in the district for one year or more.




Due to the impact of the epidemic and the development of the "one thing to enter the kindergarten" system, the enrollment of all kinds of kindergartens at all levels in Zhenhai District has been postponed accordingly this fall,April to Julyfor the wholeDistrict kindergarten formal enrollment period (towns, streets can be combined with the actual situation in advance pre-announcement or pre-enrollment).At the same time, the enrollment of some kindergartens will be handled online on a trial basis according to "one thing to enter the kindergarten". The specific enrollment time and registration method will be announced in advance through the relevant WeChat public number.Please pay attention to the WeChat public number of the town (street) to which the kindergarten belongs, the WeChat public number of Zhenhai Education Portal, etc. You can also call for advice.


Ningbo Zhenhai District Education Bureau

19 March 2020


Zhenhai District Autumn 2020


List of kindergartens with admission qualification



Warm Tip: Parents are requested to choose kindergartens with enrollment qualifications for their children.


Zhenhai District Public (Collective) Kindergarten


Small Class Enrollment Plan for Fall 2020


Note: The enrollment plan will be adjusted according to the final enrollment.


Source: Zhenhai Education Portal



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