What color is spring, Zhaobaoshan tell you!

Green branches sprouting new buds, a twinkling of an eye

It is already a warbler flying grass growing, flowers blooming fragrance

The weather is fine this week and the temperature is suitable.

Follow the footsteps of spring

Let's walk into Zhaobao Mountain together





The grass and trees in Zhaobaoshan are green

Ten thousand trees, green grass, yinyin

After a winter of precipitation

Zhaobaoshan began to glow with new vitality

Everywhere green, vibrant scenes





The sky of Zhaobaoshan is blue

The sky is blue, white clouds

Under the blue sky, Baotuo Temple is more solemn

Standing on Weiyuan City and overlooking the East China Sea, you have a wide view.

Qilisi, Jintang Island and Zhoushan Bridge are clearly visible





The flowers of Zhaobaoshan are red

Scattered peach blossoms in the foothills of the West Mountain

Like a shy girl

Let the heart give birth to love

The flowers of the red-floral lorum under the tower are as red as fire.

From afar, it looks like a burning torch.

Let people hope





The water of Zhaobaoshan is yellow

The waters of the Yongjiang River are mighty and powerful.

Like a yellow ribbon to the East China Sea

The golden winter jasmine also blooms in the wind

At the foot of the mountain, by the lake, in every corner of Zhaobao Mountain.

The vitality of a school of green rendering colorful





The sunshine of Zhaobaoshan is golden

Spring breeze caresses, spring is warm

The warm sunshine falls down through the luxuriant branches and leaves

The formation of a little golden spot

Let the mountains and rivers glow with vitality

Let people warm, full of hope





Spring blooms, haze dissipates

Sunshine and hope are coming to us!

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