Ningbo: Notice on Suspension of Sacrifice and Sweeping Activities during Qingming Festival in 2020

About the 2020 Qingming period

Announcement on Suspension of Scavenging Activities


In accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations such as the Law on the Prevention and Control of the People's Republic of China Infectious Diseases and the Emergency regulations on Public Health emergencies, in order to avoid imported and clustered epidemics caused by concentrated sacrifice and sweeping activities during the Ching Ming Festival, to protect the life safety and health of the broad masses, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


1. suspend the activities related to the sacrificial sweep. From now on, all cemeteries, cinerary halls and other places in the city will be suspended from the public's on-site sacrificial sweeping activities (except for the new tombs that have died and been buried since 2019). Suspend centralized sea burial, tree burial and other activities; Suspend the organization of open days, on-site publicity and display and other mass activities. The recovery time will be notified separately according to the development of the epidemic situation.


2. carried out on behalf of the sacrificial sweep. From April 4 to 6, the cemetery staff conducted a unified sacrificial sweep for the deceased buried in the cemetery. The ashes storage area of the municipal funeral parlour (including Yu Wang Cemetery) will be offered free of charge (each square presents chrysanthemums).


3. advocate network sacrifice sweep. Conditional cemeteries should actively launch online sacrifice and sweeping client APP, which will be converted from on-the-spot sacrifice to emotional comfort sacrifice through online sacrifice and valet sacrifice and sweeping.


4. the implementation of the new tomb reservation sweeping. For the new tombs that have died and been buried since 2019, the public can make an appointment with the cemetery unit, and make an appointment first and then make an appointment. Each cemetery unit shall, in accordance with the principle of time-sharing and section-by-peak reservation, ensure the safety and order of the sacrificial sweeping activities. The method of making an appointment for sacrificial sweeping can be inquired about the public number of WeChat "Ningbo Funeral Association", which will be published in a separate newspaper announcement or obtained from the announcement of the civil affairs department.


During the prevention and control of the 5. epidemic, the city took traffic control measures such as traffic bans and restrictions on cemetery roads around the city. Vehicles that have been reserved for sacrificial sweeps will pass within the specified time according to the reservation information. For details, please refer to the announcement of the public security traffic police department. This year, there will be no special bus line for tomb sweeping during the Qingming Festival; Wuxiang Station, Baochuang Station, Gaoqiao Station and Gaoqiao West Station of Rail Transit Line 1 will not stop before 12 o'clock every day on March 28 and 29 and Qingming Festival from April 4 to 6.


This circular shall be implemented from the date of publication. Please friends of the general public to give understanding, support and cooperation.





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