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Towel Mountain


In the northeast corner of Zhenhai City, there is a small mound with an altitude of only 24.5 meters. Because it is shaped like a towel, it is named Jinzi Mountain. According to the records of Siming Chronicles, Jinzi Mountain faces the sea in the north, which is in control of the situation of Zhaobao Mountain and "is a barrier to the entry and exit of the tide". It shows that Zhaobao Mountain and Jinzi Mountain are horns and echo each other from afar, and play an important role in preventing moisture and flood and resisting foreign enemies.





Hook Gold Building


In 2009, zhenhai district carried out the ancient seawall culture and leisure promotion project, and built a magnificent antique tower-Goujin Building, which connects Zhaobao Mountain and Jinzi Mountain. Now tourists can directly pass through Goujin Building from Zhaobao Mountain and go to Houhaitang to visit and play.




Although the hook gold building is newly built in modern times, its history has a long history. today, let's talk about the history of the hook gold building!





Hook the history of Jintang


The former site of this Hooking Gold Building is the former Hooking Gold Pond. As early as in the Northern Song Dynasty, when tidal floods occurred, sea water easily poured into the city from the northeast corner of Zhenhai. Zhenhai residents built an earth embankment between Jinzi Mountain and Zhaobao Mountain to resist the sea tide.




The earth pond was destroyed by several storms. At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, in order to make the seawall more effectively stop the impact of wind and waves, the people of Zhenhai converted the earth pond into a stone pond.




This stone pond is just a short one between Jinzi Mountain and Zhaobao Mountain. Its appearance is not very elegant and its shape is similar to that of a dog's neck. Therefore, people call it "Dog's Neck Pond". Some literati thought the name "Dog Neck Pond" was too vulgar to carry gold on the hook. It is said that although the quantity is small, it is still worth precious, giving it a high name: "Gou Jintang".




Until the late 1970 s, outside Houhai pond began to reclaim fields and build docks in the port area. The hook Jintang was blown up and an important access to the port area was built.





Flowing time


Nowadays, people in Zhenhai who get up early are used to getting in and out of Zhaobao Mountain and Houhai Pond from Goujin Building and taking exercise around the city for a week. Standing on the tower of the hook gold tower, watching the vehicles come and go through the gate, like those flowing time, this seawall, which has been hit by wind and rain for centuries, is always fixed on the hook gold tower......




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