Spring rain is not sunny for a while, weather forecast for a week!

The first wave of rain in Yongcheng this spring is like a model.

Different from the rain in winter

The spring rain is already full of warmth

It doesn't feel cold at all.




With the influence of cold air

The sky is gloomy early this morning

There are a little more clouds.

Cold front south north wind howls

It's still a little cold on the body

It will turn cloudy to cloudy in the afternoon.

The sun will gradually appear

During the day, the northwest wind on the coastal sea surface can reach level 7, and the wind force can reach level 8-9.

Will weaken significantly at night





Spring rain temporarily say goodbye to sunshine

Tomorrow the sun is shining and the spring breeze is warm

It's not raining anymore

Everyone can come to Zhaobaoshan for a walk




In terms of temperature, the highest during the day is about 15 ℃ today.

It will be slightly depressed tomorrow morning.

Only 5 ℃ up and down

Please pay special attention to keep warm



Specific weather



The next weather this week.

Also like the nature of spring weather

Rain and shine

Early Spring in Yongcheng

The weather changes fast

Cold air diffuses from time to time

The temperature is also slightly fluctuating.

Please pay attention to the appropriate "spring cover"



(Source: Ningbo Meteorology)

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