Let the party flag fly high on Zhaobao Mountain!

The more critical the moment is, the more it is necessary for party members to play a pioneering role. The party members and cadres of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area have always adhered to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions as the guidance, stuck to their posts, had the courage to take responsibility, "built a strong Baoshan Red Fort, and strived to be the" pioneer of the epidemic ".


Party members are the vanguard of epidemic prevention and control.




Party members and cadres are the vanguard of epidemic prevention and control, and the ticket office is the most critical and important part of the epidemic prevention and control work in scenic spots. Party members and cadres charged ahead, checking tourists at the ticket office, taking their body temperature and maintaining order at the scene. "I am a party member, I will go first! "In the face of the epidemic, it is the duty and duty of a Party member to stand up.


Party members are a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control.




An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Party members and cadres take the lead in patrolling and inspecting in the scenic area, checking for deficiencies, regulating the uncivilized behavior of tourists, reminding tourists to wear masks and keep spacing, and building a second strict line of defense in the scenic area to provide a strong barrier for winning the war "epidemic!


"War Epidemic" is the first mission of Party members.




Party members are the backbone of all employees in the scenic area. In order to fully implement the preparations for the opening of the scenic area, party members and cadres have taken active actions, issued employee notices, trained employees on epidemic prevention and control related knowledge, mobilized all employees, unified command, unified leadership, and unified dispatch. Gather the majestic power of "opening the park" and "war epidemic!


Party members are propagandists for epidemic prevention and control.




The prevention and control work is difficult and dangerous. Party members are the propagandists in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the scenic area. They rush to every place in the scenic area and call on all employees of the scenic area to unite as one and fight against the epidemic. Propaganda epidemic prevention knowledge to tourists and win the prevention and control war without gunpowder smoke "epidemic" together ".




Only by withstanding the severe test in the fight against the "epidemic" can we grow into a strong communist fighter who "wins the war and wins the attack. Let the party flag fly high in the front line of the fight against the epidemic, and strive to win the battle against the epidemic as soon as possible.

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