Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area will resume its opening today. Epidemic prevention and control needs your support and cooperation!

Zhaobaoshan Restored to Open Park

Today, Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic area to resume opening to the outside world. In order to ensure your travel safety, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area has implemented strict epidemic prevention measures.


All tourists are required to purchase tickets and visit with the "Ningbo Global One Code Pass" (Ningbo Travel Code, Ningbo Travel Certificate, Health Code) and the original valid ID card. When entering the park, they should cooperate with the work of "one entry, one test, one registration". Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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Notes on Scenic Spot Tour

1. When entering the scenic spot, the staff will measure your temperature and enter the park without fever, cough and other discomfort;


2. It is hoped that all tourists will actively cooperate with the management of the scenic spot during the tour, wear masks and keep the distance between people at least 1.5 meters during the tour;


3. Baotuo Temple, Guanyin Pavilion, Aozhu Pagoda, Xianren Cave, Zhaobao Caishen Garden, China Air Defense Expo Park and Military Experience Zone will be temporarily closed according to epidemic prevention requirements and will continue to be closed until further notice.


4. Medical staff enter the park free of charge with valid qualification certificates such as doctor's certificate and nurse's certificate and valid identity documents.




Implementation of epidemic prevention and control, scenic spots in action


Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic area in accordance with the deployment of prevention and control work and the dynamic changes of the epidemic, the full implementation of epidemic prevention and control and orderly controlled opening work.




The scenic spot is completely eliminated twice a day.





Do a good job of "one day, one test, one registration.



Come to Zhaobao Mountain and feel the beauty of spring.


The wind moves the treetops and the rain moisten all things, the earth gradually presents a scene of prosperity, and the footsteps of spring are getting closer and closer!




When Spring Blossoms-Gu Shanhong


In the spring, it is not advisable to do too much exercise. Climbing slowly can promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the function of the heart and lungs. Zhaobao Mountain, which is less than 100 meters above sea level, is the most suitable.




Flying Pigeon Yingchun-Chen Yongzhong

Although closed places such as Baotuo Temple, Guanyin Pavilion, Aozhu Pagoda, Xianren Cave and Zhaobao Caishen Garden continue to be closed, it is also a kind of satisfaction for people who have been isolated for a long time to be able to walk around Zhaobaoshan and feel the breath of spring firsthand!




Wang Xingzhang-Zhaobao Spring

In this picturesque environment, people are open-minded, tired and uplifting.




Peak Temple-Fan Jiahe


Civilized tour, win the war "epidemic"


At present, the "new crown pneumonia" epidemic prevention and control work is still in a critical period, Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic area calls on the general public tourists in the process of visiting, actively cooperate with the scenic area management work, and work together to win the epidemic prevention and control war.




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