Flu season, please keep this 24-hour pediatric clinic list!

The number of flu cases in Ningbo this year is far higher than in previous years.

And the high period will continue

Flu Season

In addition to daily protective measures

This list of 24-hour pediatric clinics

Also must code live!



24-Hour Pediatric Clinic List






The flu is not the common cold.


[Symptoms of Influenza] For unexplained high fever, headache, cough, sore throat, sore body, joint pain, etc., you must go to the hospital immediately, do not carry it, and take antiviral drugs in time.


[common cold symptoms] the general body temperature is more than 37 degrees, not more than 38 degrees, and even some people do not have a fever, just runny nose, sneezing. Generally drink some medicine, rest at home may be good.


In general, the common cold lasts a week, while the flu lasts about 2 to 3 weeks.




How to prevent the flu?


The most direct and effective means of combating influenza areVaccination. The best time to get a vaccine isSeptember to NovemberThat is, before the flu peak. The elderly and children are advised to take vaccines and prevent them in advance.


Another important means to prevent influenza is to wash your hands frequently, do not simply wash with water, but rub with soap every time before washing; do not go to crowded places to reduce the chance of infection; exercise well, improve immunity, and maintain a healthy life and rest.


I 've already had the flu vaccine, do I need to have it again?


The flu vaccine is given every year. The protective effect of human influenza vaccination can be maintained6-8 monthsIt gradually weakens over time, so it should be vaccinated every year to obtain effective protection.


In addition, the flu virus mutates every year, so the vaccine may be different from year to year. Influenza vaccine is usually on the market around October each year. It is suggested that the public can get vaccinated as soon as the influenza vaccine of this year starts to be supplied.


What type of mask do you need to wear to prevent the flu?


Medical surgical masks can be a good way to prevent influenza. Wearing a mask is an effective means of blocking the spread of respiratory secretions. Choosing a medical surgical mask can be a good way to prevent the flu.N95 MasksThe disease prevention effect is better, but its air permeability is poor, the respiratory resistance is large, and it is not suitable for long-term wearing.


Masks should be replaced regularly and should not be worn backwards, let alone worn in turn on both sides. Wash your hands before wearing a mask or avoid touching the inner side of the mask during wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask. The inside and outside, up and down of the mask are clearly separated. The metal strip (nose clip) is on the top, the side with the fold down is the outside, and one end of the metal strip is above the mask.


(Source: Ningbo Tourism)



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