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The Four Seasons of Zhaobaoshan

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January ascend to pray, make a New Year's wish


In the Spring Festival, apart from having a reunion dinner, keeping the New Year's Eve, visiting relatives and friends to worship the New Year... How can there be less of a climbing trip? At the beginning of the New Year, climbing the mountain to welcome the first ray of sunshine of the New Year, praying for the good wishes of the New Year, implying that the coming year will be promoted step by step, by going up one flight of stairs!




February night tour Zhaobaoshan with lights, watch the lights dim


"Fire trees and silver flowers together, star bridge iron lock open. The dark dust goes with the horse, and the bright moon comes one by one. All the tourists are Li, and all the songs fall off the plum. Jin Wu can't help but night, jade leakage mo phase rush. "The Zhaobaoshan Lantern Festival is one of the most important events in Zhaobaoshan every year. Every year on the night of the Lantern Festival, Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area is brightly lit, crowded, bright and dark, laughter, and various lanterns of different shapes are arranged, which is dizzying and feast the eyes!




March, spring, March, cherry blossoms


In March of Yangchun, Zhaobao Mountain has changed in spring. The sky is blue, the mountain is green, the water is green, and there is a scene of vitality everywhere. In the glow of new life, the cherry blossoms in Zhaobao Mountain have become the most beautiful scenery. Cherry blossoms in Zhaobaoshan are usually open at the end of March until around Qingming Festival, mainly distributed on Yingbin Avenue and beside the wall of China Air Defense Expo Park.




By the end of April, on the forest path between Shouchang Park and Huancheng West Road, the Japanese late cherry blossoms were blooming into the sea and clustered like fire. It was really beautiful!




April is like a brocade, and the treasure is in spring.


The most beautiful April day in the world! April weather is warm and pleasant, sunny, sunny, sunny, blooming flowers, hundreds of birds singing in spring... In short, April is a spring outing Zhaobao Mountain of good weather! During the rain season, azaleas, which have been brewing for a winter, will compete to open at the foot of Zhaobao Mountain. The clusters, pieces, blooming in the spring, open red like fire, eye-catching!




May Soft May, Rose Romantic


May can vaguely smell the taste of summer. The sun is bright and warm. The roses climbing on the wall are cuddled together. Pink, white and rose red bring bursts of fragrance from time to time. As soon as I looked up, I met Rose in Zhaobaoshan by chance, which was the most romantic thing in May.




June Quixing Point Battle, Climb Aojiang Pillar Tower


June is another year of college entrance examination, students have been studying hard for more than ten years, just for this moment to bloom! Aojiang Pagoda is the commanding height of Zhenhai and the landmark building of Zhaobaoshan. Because it contains the beautiful vision of "being the best", anyone who comes here will climb to the top of the tower to look into the distance, hoping to bring wisdom and luck.




July tour to learn treasure, cool summer


July is a season of high enthusiasm. The hot sunshine pours the earth with the heat of giving birth to all things. What is even hotter than summer is the study tour of Zhaobao Mountain. The erudition of Zimeng Mountain and the cultural heritage of Zhaobao Mountain are deeply attracting children from summer camps all over the world!




August to visit the China Air Defense Expo Park, bid farewell to the heat


The great summer solar term, the scorching sun, and the heat are unbearable, opening the hottest barbecue weather of the year. At this time, it is a good choice to visit and study in the constant temperature tunnel of the China Air Defense Expo Park!




The entire exhibition hall is rebuilt on the basis of the old air defense tunnel. Because the civil air defense tunnel is a constant temperature structure, even if the sun is blazing outside, as long as you enter the tunnel, it is like being in an isolated summer resort.




The Air Defense Expo Park uses civil air defense facilities, modern information technology equipment, military experience and other means to carry out comprehensive projects of patriotism education, national defense education and civil air defense knowledge education. Traveling among them not only makes your summer no longer hot and dry, but also learns the historical development process of China's air defense cause and cultivates patriotic sentiments, which has practical educational significance!




September is high and autumn is crisp, and autumn outing is at the right time.


September is the best time for autumn outing, and the scenery on Zhaobao Mountain is just right! On the Weiyuan City, the line of sight suddenly enlightened, overlooking the Zhoushan Islands, mountain and sea scenery, panoramic view.




October, golden autumn, October, chrysanthemum yellow fragrance


After the golden autumn, first frost comes, chrysanthemums bloom against the wind and frost! Every year from the end of October to the middle of November, Zhaobaoshan Street will hold a golden autumn chrysanthemum exhibition in Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area. Unconsciously, the Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition has become a city card of Zhenhai, bringing us different temperatures and emotions.




In November, we can't get enough of the scenery and the endless riverside road.


The Yongjiang River flows quietly in winter, as if the long scroll of history flows slowly. The shadows of the boats on the river are dotted, the waves are excited, and a wide avenue along the river extends straight to the end of the field of vision. There are many scenic spots on the road, including the ancient ship of Wanhu, the road of Haisi, the port of Qiding, the ferry terminal and the "lighthouse of love", which makes people feel as if they are in the interlaced time between the past and the present......



Yanjiang Road in Zhenhai Chengguan-the most beautiful scenery in winter, romantic and warm, every time I go there, I have new discoveries and new scenery, and I can't finish shopping!




In December, I went to the ancient seawall to see the vicissitudes of life.


After a thousand years, the seawall is a masterpiece of the wisdom of the people of Zhenhai. It starts from Jinzi Mountain in the east to Jiaxie Pavilion in Yufan Town in the west, with a total length of 4.8 kilometers. From a distance, the Houhaitang looks like a silver dragon leaning on the coast of the East China Sea. It is extraordinary and majestic.


Walk from Ganzi Mountain to Huancheng West Road, pass through Ganzi Pavilion, Vicissitudes Pavilion, Wanghai Tower, Shouchang Park and Guhaitang Park. Standing on the city wall, you can read all the features of the city gate and look at the vehicles coming and going, just like those flowing times......



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