This ancient temple of Ming Dynasty on Zhaobao Mountain has been built for more than 460 years, but it has become famous for nearly 1200 years!

"Early in the morning into the ancient temple, the first day of the sun high forest. The bamboo path leads to the secluded place, and the meditation room is deep with flowers and trees. Mountain light pleases bird nature, pool shadow emptiness heart. All the sounds are silent here, but the remaining bells chime. "The Baotuo Temple in winter has both the dignified weight of Buddhist culture and the momentum of the sea and sky. During the Spring Festival, walking through the ancient temples and stepping on the plum to find the fragrance, it is even more to add a bit of solemnity and quiet time to the joy......


Baotuo Zen Temple


       Zhaobaoshan Baotuo Temple,In the thirty-sixth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, it moved from Mount Putuo to the top of Zhaobao Mountain. It has a history of 463 years. The poem by King Bingshi of the Ming Dynasty: "Overseas spread to supplement the Tuo, there are temples here, overseas monks extend the guest, and the monks here. One Buddha is divided into prosperity and decline, and the two are competing for emerald. "The meaning of the name.




Baotuo Zen Temple has been damaged and repaired by several wars, and there are buildings such as Yuantong Treasure Hall, Bell Tower, and Monk Squatter House. the main hall of baotuo temple is yuantong hall, which is a place dedicated to guanyin. the names of "baotuo" and "yuantong hall" were respectively given by emperor renzong of the northern song dynasty and emperor ningzong of the southern song dynasty.





Yuantong Palace



       Yuantong PalaceFacing 5 rooms, with a depth of 6 zhangs and an area of 360 square meters. For the top of the mountain, the front and rear double-step beam lifting structure, Zhu rafter tube tile, the main ridge hanging light atlas bronze mirror, both ends of the dragon head colored glaze kiss, the sun surface embedded with "Guotai Minan", the shade "wind and rain" big book. The four ridges and cornices are carved with carvings, and the lower eaves are hung with the corners of the leather, and the gold is sounded with the wind.




The main hall of Baotuo Temple enshrines the "refusal to go to Guanyin" of Mount Putuo, together with the lotus pedestal, which is 8 meters high. The "good fortune" and "dragon lady" serve two sculptures, and 32 incarnations of Guanyin statues are listed around. There is a circle of 18 arhats on both sides of the Buddha statue and the back eaves wall, which is placed on a 1.2-meter-high stone sumeru pedestal.




The Origin of Baotuo Zen Temple and Putuo Mountain

Zhoushan Putuo Mountain is the world's most famous Guanyin Dojo. According to the records of the mountains of the past dynasties, in the thirteen years of the Tang Dynasty, the Japanese monk Hui-e returned home from Wutai Mountain to worship the statue of Avalokitesvara. The boat was blocked by the ocean surface of Putuo Mountain, thinking that the Bodhisattva did not want to go east, so he docked and left the Buddha statue.




However, after "refusing to go to Guanyin" settled on Mount Putuo, there was no peace from then on. In the 20th century of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1387), Japanese pirates were rampant and Mount Putuo became a gathering place for smuggling gangs. In order to make them have no place to stay, the famous general Tang and the residents moved to the mainland (Dinghai County, now Zhenhai), and the Guanyin statue moved with them.




In the 36th year of Jiajing's reign (1557), Hu Zongxian, the chief executive, dreamed that "Guanyin did not want to be in the mainland", so he moved Guanyin to Zhaobao Mountain. After Guanyin moved to the mountain, Guanyin Pavilion, Chaoyin Cave, Purple Bamboo Forest, Upper Tianzhu, Middle Tianzhu and other scenic spots were also built in line with Putuo Mountain scenic spots.




This is just like Putuo Mountain's refusal to go to Guanyin Academy "intact" migration to Zhaobao Mountain. Since then, Zhaobao Mountain has been full of pilgrims, especially on the birthdays of Guanyin, becoming a monk and becoming a Taoist on February 19, June 19 and September 19 of the lunar calendar, good men and women go to Zhaobao Mountain to recruit worshippers Luo Yi.





"If the mountain is not deep, the immortal is the spirit"!

The Spring Festival comes to the Baotuo Temple in Zhaobaoshan,

Burn a stigma incense, light a blessing lamp,

Bless family and friends

Good health, everything is fine!

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