Cold rain, there are two more cold air to come this week!

Frequent cold air activity this week

Sunny's Attendance Decreased

The rain will arrive before the cold air


Rain:More obvious precipitation will come soon


From the late 15th to the 16th, there was a more obvious precipitation process in Zhejiang, with some moderate rain in the central and northern part of Zhejiang. Low visibility in rainy days, slippery ground, need to pay attention to traffic safety.


As far as the whole country is concerned, starting today, the third round of large-scale rain and snow in 2020 will hit again. It is expected that in the next three days, there will be light to moderate snow and local heavy snow in the eastern part of Northwest China, the southern part of North China, the central and western parts of Huanghuai, the western and northern parts of Jianghan, and the eastern part of Southwest China, the eastern part of Jianghuai,JiangnanSouth ChinaThere will be light to moderate rain from west to east., local heavy rain; sleet or sleet to snow in central and eastern Jianghan and central and western Jianghuai.





Ningbo is dominated by rainy weather today and tomorrow.

Among them, the rainfall is moderate from this evening to night.

The highest temperature today is 9 degrees.

5 to 10 degrees tomorrow

High-altitude mountains due to lower temperatures

There will be sleet locally



There are two more cold air to come this week.



The first field


Time:16 nights to 17 days.


Impact:It is mainly cloudy, with occasional light rain in some areas, and northerly winds of magnitude 8-9 on the coastal sea.



Second field


Time:From the night of the 18th to the early 19th


Impact:There is a weak precipitation process from west to east in the whole province.


Looking aroundThe next few days will be dominated by rainy days.

Sunlight is scarce,Wet and cold obviously




Give you 4 days to wash the sun!



from the 17th to the 20th, mainly cloudy,

Among them, there was a brief light rain on the night of the 18th.

The highest temperature for the four days was around 10°C,

The minimum temperature is 2-4 ℃. Although it's not a sunny day,

But it is already the most suitable time period for washing and drying years ago.




9 days.It's New Year's Day,

During the Spring FestivalHow will the weather be?



According to the latest forecast of China Weather Network


From 14 to 16, there will be a wide range of rain and snow weather in the central and eastern regions. The dividing line of rain and snow is located in the northern part of Jianghan, the western part of Jianghuai and the southern part of Huanghuai. There is light to moderate rain in the eastern part of Southwest China, the central and eastern part of Jianghan, the eastern part of Jianghuai, Jiangnan and most of South China. There is light to moderate snow or sleet in the eastern part of Northwest China, western North China, Huanghuai, northern and western Jianghan, and western Jianghuai.


From the 18th to the 20th, there was more precipitation in the eastern part of Southwest China, the lower reaches of the Han River, Jiangnan, and South China, with light to moderate rain in magnitude; there were about 4 northerly winds in the Jianghuai and northern areas, and the eastern part of the northwest and central and eastern regions The temperature in most areas will drop by 3-5 ℃.


       In the next 11-20 days (January 22-31), Jianghan and JianghuaiJiangnan, South China and the eastern part of Southwest ChinaAccumulated precipitation of 10-25mm, some areas have 30-60mm;Most of the above areas have more precipitation than the same period of the year;The main precipitation process occurs around 22-24 and 27 days.


(Source: Ningbo Meteorology, Zhejiang Weather, Zhejiang Voice, China Weather Network)

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