The temperature drops dramatically! Strong cold air affected Ningbo this afternoon......

Yesterday, the highest temperature in most parts of Ningbo exceeded the historical extreme value in the first ten days of January (January 1-January 10). According to the forecast of the municipal meteorological station, the strong cold air will affect Ningbo this afternoon, and the temperature will drop sharply.





Cold Air Message



       However, after all, we are still in winter, and the strong cold air is stirring,This afternoon from north to south affect our city, the weather will turn cloudy sometimes with light rain, and the rain will gradually stop turning cloudy at night.





Cold wave and gale warning




       Ningbo Meteorological ObservatoryCold wave yellow warning issued at 10:30 on January 7, 2020Affected by the strong cold air, the temperature in our city will drop sharply this afternoon. It is estimated that the daily average temperature will drop by 10-11 degrees within 24 hours, the lowest temperature the day after tomorrow will be about 2 degrees, and the mountain area will be -1-4 degrees, with freezing. Please take precautions.

       Ningbo Meteorological ObservatoryGale yellow warning issued at 10:30 on January 7, 2020: Affected by the cold air, there will be 9-10 northwest gales on the coastal waters of our city from this afternoon to tomorrow, 7-9 in coastal areas, and 6-8 in inland areas. Please take precautions.

Future weather conditions

       Tomorrow will turn cloudy, and the temperature will drop sharply. The daily average temperature will drop by 10-11 ℃ within 24 hours, and the lowest temperature tomorrow will only be around 5 ℃. From this evening to tomorrow, there will be a strong wind in the northwest of 9~10 along the coast. Please pay attention to prevention.





(Source: Ningbo, Ningbo Meteorological Observatory)

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