Notice on the reopening of Aozhu Pagoda

May 17,2024

Notice of Temporary Suspension of the Opening of Aozhu Pagoda

May 09,2024

Notice on the Temporary Closure of the China Air Defense Expo Park

Aug 29,2023

@ Everyone, this year's Dragon Boat Festival will be like this!

May 5 is the Dragon Boat Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. Wrap a waxy alkaline water zongzi, read early summer health; Make a saceful wormwood bag. Pray for peace and joy, go back to the folk tradition Zhaobaoshan tourist scenic spot invites you to travel during the holiday. "Zongzi" Lele with you

Jun 19,2023

Announcement on Public Liability Insurance Procurement of Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area

Sep 19,2022

Notice of Park Closure

Sep 02,2022

Notice on Temporary Opening of Zhaobaoshan Tourist Scenic Area on Buddha's Birthday on June 18

Jul 13,2022

Announcement on Suspension of Opening of China Air Defense Expo Park

Jun 10,2022

Ningbo City Releases Latest Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

May 02,2022

Notice on Cancellation of Buddha's Christmas Eve

Mar 17,2022

Notice of Closure

Mar 15,2022

Zhaobaoshan Tourism Scenic Area Epidemic Prevention and Control Announcement

Mar 15,2022

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