Weiyuan City

Located on the top of the scenic mountain, it was built in the 39th year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty. It has a circumference of more than 600 meters, a height of 7.4 meters, and a stone castle with 73 castellations. It has the majesty of "the majesty of Zhenhai, the majestic town of China", walking amusing, like seeing gunpowder smoke; looking at the sea from the battlefield, you can hear it. Located on the top of Zhaobao Mountain, it was built in the 39th year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1560). The city has a perimeter of 200 feet, a height of 2.2 feet, and a thickness of 1 meter. It has 167 castellations and two gates from the north to the south. It is called Weiyuan. city. The castle played an important role in the war against foreign aggression for more than four hundred years, and it was in ruins by the time of liberation. In the early 1980s, the People's Government of Zhenhai County allocated funds to rebuild it. The city gate's edict "Weiyuan City" in regular script "Weiyuan City" was inscribed by Guo Chunzhang, the magistrate of Zhenhai County in the 12th year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1832). In the city gate, the couplet Yangwen running script "The sea does not rise and the waves will last forever, and the earth has no love and treasure and a mountain move", which is the original construction of the city. Weiyuan City is an ancient coastal defense facility. It stands on the top of Zhaobao Mountain. It is condescending and has a tendency of "one person is the gate. Ten thousand people are not open". It is now listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit.



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