Chelate Tower

The Aozhu Pagoda was rebuilt in 1998 and covers an area of ​​361 square meters. It is an imitation of Song Dynasty architecture. The clear height of the tower is 57.6 meters, with seven floors and eight angles, and the top of the bronze tower. The Aozhu Pagoda in history was built for religious purposes, and its purpose was to suppress the "Ao" that often made waves in the East China Sea. The chelated pillar tower has been renovated and reopened to the outside world. The tower exhibits the culture of "outstanding champion" champion, "33 statues", "Bookmarks of Zhenhai celebrities" and academician culture. It is located at the top of the west mountain behind Guanyin Pavilion, with an elevation of 60 meters. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, there was a record of Aozhu inserting the Pagoda in the sky, but due to years of loss, its location cannot be examined, leaving only the name of Aozhu Mountain. In 1995, Hong Kong compatriots Yu Kuiqing and Wang Shaocheng donated funds to rebuild the Aozhu Tower. It is a pagoda imitating a Tanglou pagoda, with seven floors and eight sides, a frame structure, and a total height of 57.6 meters. Each floor is equipped with eaves, flat seats, railings, and bucket arches. The outer circle colonnade on the first floor is exquisite and stable. The doors on all four sides of each floor lead to the outer corridor, and the corridor surface is made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete columns, viewing panels, viewing columns and handrails, which are solid and simple. The elevator shaft is set in the center of the tower, and the beam-type spiral ladder goes up the shaft, making it the tallest building in Zhenhai. Climbing the top floor to overlook the East China Sea, the Beilun Port and the Zhoushan Islands are clearly visible, the Yongjiang River is like a green ribbon winding upwards, and the beautiful mountains and rivers are vivid, adding a bright pearl to the Zhaobaoshan Scenic Area.



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