Yuantong Palace

Located on the top of Zhaobao Mountain, the "Refusing to Go to Guanyin" that Shiji once invited from Mount Putuo is enshrined here, and the incense has continued for hundreds of years. Ascending to the top of the mountain, after finishing the ceremony, lean on the railing and overlook the East China Sea. Inside the Huawai threshold, on the mountain is the Garan Buddha Realm, and under the mountain is the MTR combined transportation. The two phases are crisscrossed and a magnificent spectacle. The main hall of Baotuo Temple is Yuantong Hall, which is also related to the Maritime Silk Road in Zhenhaikou according to historical records. In the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng year (1023), the two "shenzhou" of Zhenhai Zhaobaoshan made an envoy to Goryeo and returned to China smoothly. They were protected by the gods. Emperor Renzong of Song gave the "Bao Tuo". In the seventh year of Jiading of Song Ningzong (1214), they were also used for sea silk in Zhenhaikou. The road activity grants the "Yuantong Palace".



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