Oriental Zhaobao Treasury

Zhaobao Cultural Garden was built in December 2007 and completed in April 2008. The total area is 800 square meters, the building area is 150 square meters, and the total investment is 6 million yuan. Among them, Zhaobao Caishen's investment reached 3.2 million yuan. Enshrined in the garden is the Eastern God of Wealth, Zhaobao Tianzun. The statue of "Zhaobao Wealth" is 2.88 meters high and weighs 1500 kilograms. It is made of gold and copper and is decorated with more than 500 pieces of jewels such as Lantian white jade, agate, and jade. The inlaid is natural Lantian white jade, weighing 1000 grams, and the fortune hat and the belt are inlaid with natural jade, each weighing 500 grams, and the craftsmanship is a national art treasure. Appraised and evaluated by domestic authoritative qualification institutions, the artistic value is 30 million yuan. On the southern slope of Zhaobao Mountain, there are two treasures of Zhenshan: the highest open-air God of Wealth in Southeast Asia and the world's first cornucopia. Worship the statue of Zhaobao Wealth and caress the first cornucopia, the proverb "Eastern Caishan Zhaobaoshan" can become a reality.



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